Why Satan called himself an angel of light?

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To deceive you. Satan was never an angel. He's a jinn who became a devil.
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Was Satan an angel?

First answer: In the beginning, Satan (called Lucifer) was God's most trusted angel, but he eventually rebelled against the Lord and thought that he could be a better king.

Why is the devil called angel of light?

the question itself is highly erratic. Devil is never called theAngel of light. In king James version, it is given in 2Corinthans 11:14 as:- "And no marvel; for Satan himsel

How Does Satan disguse himself?

He is diguised as the person that stands at the alter, preaching to you about how you should live your life while taking all of your money in the name of God. That's the real

Was Satan the prettiest angel god had?

depending on how much good they did there beauty rose , Michael was supposed to be extremely beautiful Satan was an arch angel so he must have been very pretty but once he tur

Is Satan an Angel or an Djinn in the Quran?

Satan was jinn in quran he was obedient jin who parse GOD but when GOD asked him to bow towards mankind he refuses from then to onward he is no more obedient to GOD and work i

Is jesus himself is Satan?

Now THAT"S an interesting conspiracy theory. ___________________________________________________________ From Muslims point of view; Jesus is not Satan. Jesus is one of five

What did Satan disguise himself as?

"Satan himself keeps transforming himself into an angel of light."(2 Corinthians 11:14) He pretends to be a protective spirit, whenin fact, his intent is wicked. Satan blinds

Which angel does Satan trick by disguishing himself as a cherub?

St. Thomas Aquinas, theorized that Satan is a fallen Cherub and that Satan disguised himself as a cherub to trick the Angel Uriel. Uriel is a good Angel and guardian whose res