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Why an astronomical unit is not used to measure distance on earth?

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There is nowhere on earth which would be an astronomical unit from anywhere else on earth. The furthest that one could get is approx one eighth of one thousandths of an AU.
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It is a very large unit for such scales. Also, it's better to use the standard (i.e., the SI) units, for several reasons.
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What is the distance between Earth and Uranus in astronomical units?

1,607,000,000 miles --------------------- Around the Vernal Equinox(es) (beginning of Spring) of the following few years (starting from 2010), the distance between Earth

What is the distance between Jupiter and Earth in astronomical units?

Since 1 AU is roughly equal to 149,597,871 Kilometers, (based on the mean distance between the Earth and the Sun) and the farthest distance between Earth and Jupiter is about

Why do astronomers use light years or Astronomical Units to measure distances in space?

Simply put: The distances are too great to measure in standard Earth units.  Imagine measuring the length of a flight from London to Singapore in widths of sand instead of k

What is the distance between the earth and the sun in astronomical units?

The average distance from the Earth to the Sun is the definition of "one astronomical unit" (1 AU). The AU is used to give a ready comparison of distances in the solar system,

What do astronomers use to measure distance?

It depends on the distance they are measuring. For things very very close in space they use kilometers. For things a bit farther away, like planets, they use Astronomical un

What is an astronomical unit used to measure?

An astronomical unit measures 97 million miles (149,598,000 km). Which is the distance Earth's orbit is around the sun. It may be used to measure the distance to objects tha

Why do astronomers use the astronomical unit to measure distances in the solar system?

Because the inch, foot, meter, kilometer, and mile are all too small, and the light year is too big.   All of those produce inconvenient numbers when used to measure dista

What unit of measurement do astronomers use to determine distances from earth to the stars?

The most common is the light year, which is the distance that a beam of light will travel in one year, and is approximately 10 trillion kilometres (or about 6 trillion miles).

How do astronomers measure distances from earth to stars?

There are several methods. For example, for nearby stars, the parallax method is used - the star will change its apparent position, between the two extreme positions of the Ea
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Why do scientists use the Astronomical units to measure distances in space?

For the same reason that the odometer in your car measures distances in miles ... we choose a unit that gives reasonable numbers for the distances we're measuring. It's mu