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Most endangered species are endangered because we are killing them for there teeth, skin and bones or there habitat is being destroyed or there isn't enough food for them.
Answer2: Beautiful snow leopards of Central Asia, the giant pandas of China and the condors of the Andes all depend on mountain habitats, as do countless other species threatened with extinction. The mountains for generations their remoteness has largely protected them from excessive human exploitation, now however they are under threat. Some of these last wild areas are fast disappearing in the face of agriculture, infrastructure development and other creeping impacts explains a United Nations press release. Half of the population of the world depend on the resources of the mountains which cover a large portion of the world's land surface. Unfortunately too frequently mountains are seen as providers of abundant natural resources, with insufficient attention being paid to the plight of the inhabitants as well as the sustainability of their ecosystems", stated a keynote speaker at rhe 2002 Bishkek Global Mountain Summit organized in Kyrgystan. So basically human activity is causing a dramatic loss of biological diversity. Ref Awake magazine 3/22/05
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Why are species endangered?

Answer . Many reasons can cause a species to be endangered. Sometimes its because they are running out of food. Sometimes they are smaller and the larger species are over-p

What is an endangered species?

An endangered species is a officially-designated animal species that is threatened by extinction. This can be due to natural or man-made changes, including chemical pollution,

What are the endangered species?

The endangered species are (in order of most endangered) . 1.. Black Rhino. 2.. Giant Panda. 3.. Tiger. 4.. Beluga Sturgeon. 5.. Goldenseal. 6.. Alligator Snap

What species are endangered?

There are many endangered species in the world. A few would be theGrey Wolf, the Bengal Tiger, and the Bald Eagle. If you want toknow more endangered species, go to this websi

Why is there endangered species?

There are many reasons, but the main one is because humans are destroying their habitat.

Why species are endangered?

Various reasons. No food (or wrong food), no place to live (habitat destruction), too sparse a population to find a mate, outright hunting, and (currently) climate change.

What are an endangered species?

endangered species are species of animals very close to extinction. e.g. there are only 1,200 axolotls left. they are endangered.

Endangered species of the taiga and why they are endangered?

Wood bison, Siberian crane, Beavers, and Siberian tiger are four I can name. The wood bison, beaver, and tiger are endangered from being over hunted for their fur (as well as