Why are people so serious about different things?

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I dont have answer for that, but we should all learn to take a load off and relax
If we cant do that then we can live life to its full extent oh and one more thing ARSENAL RULES!!(soccer team in the BPL)
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Why do people laugh at different things?

People perceive things in different ways depending on their point of reference. For example: If you grow up around sports minded people, sports jokes are funny. If sports don'

Why are you so serious?

We do our best to not have any fun because we are aliens that are attempting to destroy the world and feed it to a black hole

Why are people so serious?

People are serious (sometimes) because they either want to get a good job or they just want to be polite and sophisticated. WHO WOULD WANT TO BE POLITE AND SOPHISTICATED!!! lo

Why so serious?

Time to give you the Batman treatment. "I'MBATMAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNN".

Can a hamster have diarrhea be a serious thing?

Yes, as hamsters can become dehydrated very quickly due to diarrhea; watery diarrhea can be fatal to a hamster within 48 hours. You should take your hamster to the vet as soon

Are seizures a serious thing to worry about?

If someone is having recurring seizures, they have epilepsy. There are many forms of epilepsy and many types of seizure. So it will depend on many factors, like what kind of s

Why are people afraid of different things?

They're afraid to take risks. you see, many people have this little bubble. And everything that goes on inside that little bubble of theirs is the norm. The usual, the simple
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Why are people so afraid of things they do not understand?

Because they have been lied to so many times they no longer trust the people that they should be in a position to trust. Also, people with hidden agendas, such as oil companie
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Will every country in the world accept gays and lesbian's and if not what happens if you accidentally go there because it is a serious thing for gay people to know so they do not make a mistake?

Many places in the world have religious bans against the gay and lesbian community , so it is up to the person going into one of those countries to know what they can or can n
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Why would your outgoing guy friend who does weird things like making weird faces around his friends all the time be so serious and normal and different towards you?

In my experience, I'd say that he feels as though he can be serious with you. He may feel like he has to be the clown for everyone, but for whatever reason, he doesn't feel th
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What are three things that make people want different things?

Three things that make people want different things might include the person's nature or upbringing, his or her socioeconomic status, and the person's education level. People