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Why are some girls nipples pink?

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How do you stimulate a girls nipples?

message, rubbing with silk or your toung can help, be careful their are conneced to her body, and dont rub them like you were tuning a radio-thats good girl advice here.  als

Do girls like to have their nipples nibbled?

no it hurts. just clearing a few things up some girls like having their nipples nibbled because they like stimulation of the pain inflicted to their nipples by the guy or gi

How can I get a girl to show me her nipples?

There is nothing you can do to MAKE her show you her boobs, but if you let her know how you feel and tell her what you want she might give in. give her some time tho, otherwis
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How do you make nipples pink?

I've saw online that there's a bleaching cream.specifically made for private parts called southbeach bleaching cream . If it can safely bleach a chicks vajayjay. Then its safe