Why are the names of places in Jane Austin and the book Jane Eyre blocked out with a hyphen example... -shire?

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Because they don't exsist. Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte were both using fictional places, so instead of making up names and taking away from the reality of the books, they did as was the custom during that time and just ignored the first part of the name.
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Who is Jane Eyre?

Jane Eyre is the main character of the book of the same name by Charlotte Bronte published in 1847. The book Jane Eyre is basically telling you to be true to your decisions and something good will always come out of it. Charlotte Bronte died at age 38 and published her books under pseudonyms.

What are the songs in Jane Austin book club?

Here's the songs I know so far from the Jane Austen Book Club: - Getting Some Fun Out of Life by Madeleine Peyroux - Save Me by Aimee Mann - So Sorry by Feist - You're All I Have by Snow Patrol - New Shoes by Paolo Nutini

Who was Jane eyre?

"Jane Eyre" is a classic British novel published in 1847 by Charlotte Bronte, under the pseudonym Currer Bell. In the book, the title character is a plain, quiet orphan who lives with her wealthy but cruel aunt and cousins, who torment her to no end. At a young age, she is practically disowned by her spiteful aunt and sent to a cold, disease-ridden boarding school, where she soon finds that she has a love of learning. By the time she turns eighteen, she is a teacher at the boarding school, and decides to find a job as a governess, which is basically a mix between a tutor and nanny that lived with the child's family. She is hired by a woman named Mrs. Fairfax, and moves into Thornfield Hall, the ominous estate her student, a little French girl names Adele, lives in. She learns that Mrs. Fairfax is the housekeeper, and that Adele the ward of the master of the house, the mysterious and rich Mr. Rochester. At first, Mr. Rochester strikes Jane as brooding and cruel, but as the two grow closer to one another, she and her employer begin to fall in love. He proposes, but on the day of the wedding, it is revealed that he is already married to a woman her does not love who went insane, and to keep her out of a mental asylum, where she would be mistreated, he stowed her away in the attic of Thornfield Hall. Jane, heartbroken, runs away from Thornfield Hall, where after weeks of wandering without food, money, or water, she is taken in by a family consisting of two sisters, Diana and Mary, and their stoic older brother, St. John. St. John gives Jane a job as a teacher in the nearby village, and as he plans to go to India to be a missionary, asks Jane to marry him so she can come too. Jane, not being in love with St. John, refuses, and decides to go back to Mr. Rochester. She finds out that there was a fire at Thornfield Hall, and that in this fire Mr. Rochester's wife died, not to mention he lost his sight. She finds his new home, and after reconciling, they get married and live happily ever after. It's a really good book, one of my favorites, and I recommend you read it.

What are the differences from the book Jane Eyre till today?

If you are asking if the novel Jane Eyre has changed sinceits first publication date, I would say no. The only substantial"change" would be that the original title was Jane Eyre: AnAutobiography and that now, we simply refer to it as JaneEyre .

In what time period does Jane Eyre take place?

The story (written by Charlotte Bronte) takes place during the early-to mid-nineteenth century, and covers a span of about twelve years. In the reign of Queen Victoria, in the 1800s.

What are examples of paradox in Jane Eyre?

Fire and Ice. It is found throughout the book. Mr. Rochester/ fire (is passion/love/desire...all she has ever craved) while St. John/ ice (is cold and hard like a rock...he offers Jane a life of duty and missionary work in the name of God)

Where is Jane Eyre taking place?

The novel has 5 main settings in northern England: Jane's childhood "home" with the Reeds at Gateshead Lowood School Mr. Rochester's house called Thornfield the Rivers' home at Moor House Mr. Rochester's rural place in Ferndean

Where did Jane Eyre take place?

England, the United Kingdom. She is a sort of nanny or aide de-estate to coin a title on the large estate of Mr. Rochester. Rochester starts out as a kind of heavy character ( he was played by Orson Welles in one film version) but mellows as the plot develops. It has its overtones of mystery and suspense. It was one of the first novels, as distinct from fairy tales and fantasies to have a strong woman female lead character.

In the book Jane Eyre why does Mrs Reed not like Jane?

Mrs. Reed does not like Jane because her husband, John Reed, took Jane in after her parents died and cared for her more than any of his biological children. Before John died he asked his wife to treat Jane as one of her own. She does not do that. Once he died, she felt that Jane does not have a real reason to still be living with her.

Who is Jane Austin?

Jane austen was a very famous author in the 19th century. Her work included pride and prejudice, sense and sensibility, mansfield park, Emma etc. Austen died in 1817.

In Jane Eyre what does the gypsy suggest to Jane?

The gyspy is trying to get Jane to say if there is anybody in the Thornfield that she likes.. She also keeps asking about her relationship with Mr. Rochester, but Jane does not give anything away to her.

Any books about Jane Eyre?

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte theres a ton of presequels and sequels to the actual book written by more current authors

Who is Mr Brocklehurst from the book Jane Eyre?

Mr Brocklehurst is the man who manages the Lowood Institution. He is a clergyman, but he is often unkind and rude to the teachers and students. He and his family live in wealth and only dress in the most modern fashions. However, he has all the girls wear plain clothing. On one occasion, he visits the school and looks at the students. He notices that one student, Julia Severn, has red curly hair and says that she should not be worldly and proud. When a teacher tries to defend her by saying that Julia's hair curls naturally, Mr. Brocklehurst says that the nature is evil. He issues an order that Julia's hair should be cut very short so that it cannot curl like it was. This little anecdote demonstrates his gruff personality. He often bought substandard supplies for the school, such as bread that was nearly bad or sewing needles that were hard to use.

What is the book Jane Eyre about?

It is about a girl named Jane and her life in the 19th century. She has no parents and lives with her abusive aunt, until she goes to school and eventually finds a job. The book is a gothic romance, so there are elements of both love and mystery.

In the book Jane Eyre when Jane was punished what made her hold her tears back?

One would have to be more specific. This is a real heavy one. What was she punished for? was she a child or an adult. My guess she may have held back her tears- and in women a certain amount of lachrymotor activity ( at funerals and other sad event) is generally considered normal- by a fear of the somewhat disturbing-a most unlikely love interest Mr. Rochester,. ( No, not the butler-aid of Jack Benny!) I always found this a most disturbing story- knowing how it comes out. Rochester was a kook.

How is Jane Eyre portrayed in Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre?

Jane Eyre is portrayed as a small, plain faced, intelligent and honest orphan. Although she is not beautiful and is almost rejected by her surroundings, she triumphs succesfully as an accomplished woman in the society.Jane is educated, a pianist and a good artist. Jane experiences an almost tormenting childhood but later emerges as a fully ambitious and independent young lady. Most importantly she is described as a white woman, where Mr. Rochester and Miss Ingram are dark and brown complexioned, as is Bertha Mason.

What is Jane Eyre about?

Jane Eyre is a novel about the struggling life of an orphaned girl'Jane Eyre' who lives in her childhood till the age of 12 with her aunt and cousins who ill-treated her.Later on she was send to a school for orphaned girls where she spent her life first as a student and then as a teacher.Later on she applied for a job of governess of a little girl.Later on she falls in love with the owner of the mansion in which she worked as a governess,called Mr Rochester then they got married. and Yusra Sharif wrote this

Who is Bertha in the book Jane Eyre?

Bertha is Mr. Rochester's first wife. He keeps her locked up in the attic because she's crazy. And poor Bertha gets treated like she's the monster.

Why is the book Jane Eyre popular?

It is popular because it is a "good read." It has an interesting plot as well as presenting us with a picture of life in mid-1800s England. Read it on your own before it comes up in your highschool class--then, you can take in the story at your own pace.

What was the environment at Lowood in Jane Eyre?

Lowood, the school Jane is sent to by Mrs. Reed, is cold and harsh.Run by the strict Mr. Brocklehurst, the school is certainly not afun place for Jane. She resents if even more after her only truecompanions at the school (Miss Temple and Helen Burns) leave her.

What was the setting at the beginning of Jane Eyre?

The first setting in Jane Eyre was Gateshead Hall, a mansion. Thisis the residence of the Reed family ,and till adolescence, of Jane.Here Jane is bullied mercilessly and suffers greatly frominjustice. She returns here later in the story to visit her dyingaunt.

Jane Eyre summary in brief?

As a young orphan, Jane is sent to live with her uncle, who dies soon after her arrival. Jane is left in the care of her cruel aunt, who sends her to Lowood School to become a governess. Though conditions at the school are very poor, Jane makes friends there and finishes her education, obtaining a position as governess to the young Adele at a house called Thornfield. The master of the house, Edward Rochester, is seldom home, so Jane spends most of her time with Adele and the housekeeper, Mrs. Fairfax. Strange events occur at Thornfield. Jane awakens one night to smell of smoke and discovers Rochester asleep with his bed on fire. Also, she frequently hears creepy, startling noises. After saving Rochester, Jane realizes that she loves him but is too proud to confess her feelings. Rochester has a group of guests over to Thornfield, and they treat Jane as a servant, especially Blanche Ingram, whom Rochester is expected to marry. Mrs. Reed, Jane's former caretaker, sends for Jane as she is on her deathbed. She admits to Jane that once a John Eyre, some relative of Jane's, offered to adopt the girl, but Mrs. Reed maliciously lied that Jane had died in the typhoid epidemic that affected Lowood. After her visit, Jane returns to Thornfield and Rochester asks for her hand. She gladly consents, but a few nights before their wedding Jane wakes up to find a woman in her room wearing Jane's veil. Terrified, she faints, but Rochester convinces her she was imagining things. At their wedding the secret is revealed that Rochester is already married. He takes the wedding party to the attic to reveal his wife, Bertha, who went mad shortly after their marriage 15 years before. Shocked, Jane leaves and is a poor beggar until she meets Reverend Rivers and goes to live with him and his two sisters. There, Jane realizes that John Eyre has died and left his fortune to her. The Rivers, she discovers, are her cousins. The Reverend, though he does not love her, wishes to marry Jane because he believes she will make a good wife and missionary. Jane does not love him either, but feels obligated to accept his hand. One night, Jane hears Rochester calling to her. She returns to Thornfield and finds the house burned down at the hands of Bertha. Rochester tried but failed to save her, and he lost his sight in the process. Jane and Rochester marry. Sorry it's still so long, but with a book like Jane Eyre, this is probably one of the shortest summaries you'll get.

How many plots are in Jane Eyre?

There is really only one plot in Jane Eyre, as it is written in first person. Read the book to figure out for yourself- it's a great book, no one should miss out on it

Jane Eyre mother figures?

One mother figure is Miss Temple, the headmistress of LowoodInstitution and later her friend, when Jane Eyre became a youngadult. Miss Temple married and left Lowood, which caused Janeimmediately to feel so lonely that she began to think of leavingand changing her situation. Mrs. Fairfax, the housekeeper at Thornfield Hall, might also beseen as a mother figure. Jane respected her, valued her opinionsand judgment, and enjoyed her companionship, especially in theearly days of her employment there. Much later in the story, the old servant Hannah might even be seenas a mother figure, because she took that role with the Riverschildren after their own mother died, and she also became very fondof Jane once she accepted her as a member of their family. Another mother figure is the moon. I know that sounds unlikely, butI'll explain how this is true. First let's look at a quote fromJane Eyre: I lifted up my head to look: the roof resolved. to clouds, high and dim; the gleam was such as the moon. imparts to vapours she is about to sever. I watched her come-. watched with the strangest anticipation; as though some word. of doom were to be written on her disk. She broke forth as. never moon yet burst from cloud: a hand first penetrated the. sable folds and waved them away; then, not a moon, but a. white human form shone in the azure, inclining a glorious. brow earthward. It gazed and gazed on me. It spoke to my. spirit: immeasurably distant was the tone, yet so near, itwhispered. in my heart-. "My daughter, flee temptation.". "Mother, I will." (Jane Eyre ch. 27). Now let's look at what makes the moon a motherly figure.. The real 'motherly figure' that the moon is representing is mostlikely her real mother, who Jane has no true memory of herappearance. The 'moon' she sees in the dream may be interpreted asguidance from her dead mother, as she gives Jane advice. It wouldmost definitely fit in with the supernatural aspect of the book.Also how she the 'moon' calls Jane daughter and Jane calls the'moon' mother. That could mean that the 'moon' is actually Jane'smother, not just a figurative 'mother'..

How does Rochester seduce Jane in Jane Eyre?

Rochester does not use any special technique to seduce Jane Eyre, however he does take her for a walk every day and tells her about his travels throughout the world. These actions create the image of a really interesting man that cares about her and treats her as an equal, Jane Eyre becomes madly in love with him mainly because he is the first person that does not hurt her or diminish her.

Describe the character Jane Eyre in the book Jane Eyre?

Jane Eyre is the main character of the novel she lead a very struggling life right from her childhood, She was an orphan girl and was ill-treated by her aunt Mrs. Reed. She was sent to the Lowood institute to be educated. Lowood is an institute for orphans run by a hypocritical clergyman named Mr. Brocklehurst who embezzles money from the institute. There she meets her role models in life: Miss. Maria temple ( the superintendent) and Helen Burns (friend). Jane becomes a teacher there after sometime. Then she gains a position as the governess of little Adele Varens in the Thornfield Hall. Ultimately Jane falls in love with her master there, Mr. Edward Fairfax Rochester who was 20yrs older than her. They both truly loved each other. But in there wedding day, Jane discovers that Rochester already has a wife. Jane flies from Thornfield. But at the end they both are reunited. The character of Jane Eyre is a strong, independent and a passionate one.

What is the daily routine at lowood in the book Jane Eyre?

The girls wake up before dawn at the sound of a bell and dress up. then they washed in yhe basin in the middle of the room. again the bell rings and they go down the stairs and enter the school room. there, Miss Miller reads out the morning prayers. then they split into their form classes. then another bell rings and the other teachers enter the room. the days collect is repeated and then bible scriptures are read for an hour. another bell then rings and the girls go to breakfast. after breakfast the girls have 15 minutes before lessons begin again at 9. Another bell frings to signal dinner time and after dinner lessons recommence until 5. soon after 5 they have another small meal followed by 30 minutes free time and then study. one tiny snack is then given and then the girls go to bed. ON sundays the girls walk two mile to the local church t have their services. there is no dinner on sundays but cold meat and bread are passed about inbetween services. at the close of the afternoon they return home. sunday evening is spent repeating tje sermons and reading the bible.

Is Jane Eyre a realistic book?

By the standards of its time, yes. but the story could not happen today. Jane would have gotten suspicious and using a device invented by one Alexander G. Bell would have called the Police or maybe a psychiatrist- this guy"s nuts! Like Scrooge and Erlking it probably could not happen today in the original sense- with Scrooge, Christmas is so commercialized- no businessman including pawn shops could ignore it! and so on time marches on.

What is the main conflict of Jane Eyre?

In the book Jane Eyre, one of the main points of the book is also Jane Eyre's largest conflict. This conflict was not with others, but with herself and her culture. Jane Eyre believed that she and God were the only ones that could determine where she would go in life. Her society believed that social-class meant and determined everything - including who you will marry and spend the rest of your life with. She felt that this was wrong and that people should not be displayed solely by their appearance or by their economic-status but by their individual worth. Throughout the novel she defied the Victorian Era's ideals. When she finally found true love with Mr. Rochester, she knew that she had to separate from him because he was acting immorally in her eyes. Even though Jane discovered something that would bring her much pleasure, she turned away from what she knew was wrong. This displays Jane's character, one that believes in morals and what is correct rather than what would please her or her culture the most. Other examples are when Jane left Lowood School and the school near Moor House. Despite her comfort there, she knew she had to leave for greater purposes. The last example is that Jane worked for what she needed. Instead of marrying off to a rich man, she earned a living for herself. This example displays that Jane believed in doing was what right and in working hard. What a reader of Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre may learn from her book is that true love, real happiness, and complete morals are what life is made of. Bronte depicts people of the Victorian Era as empty and incomplete, because they are focused on wealth and appearance. She rises up against her culture's "perfectness" and says that it is false, no matter what the consequences were to herself.

Who bullied Jane in Jane Eyre?

John Reed who she lives with from chapter 1 to 5. He bullies her since she's an orphan and depends on the Reed family.

Who plays Jane in 2011 Jane Eyre?

Mia Wasikowska plays Jane in the 2011 movie Jane Eyre. This is the same actress who was in popular movies such as Alice in Wonderland (2010) and Restless (2011).

Was Jane from Jane Eyre benevolent?

Certainly, she"s a good-girl character, not a femme Fatal or some sort of well, female gangster type. Lead man Rochester ( not the Jack Benny character!) sort of vacillates between a tough guy, heel, and Good guy, they obviously see too much of each other, and there is a morbid air of captivity to the whole narrative.

Who employed Jane in the book Jane Eyre?

She was employed twice in the book. First by Mr. Rochester as his daughter's teacher (governess). Then, as a school teacher (mistress) for her cousin's friend.

What was Janes Eyres favorite book?

First of all is is Jane Eyre. It is pronounced Air. My guess he favorite book would be the Bible. Writers in the nineteenth century were always tacking on religious asides to keep the censors comfortable. Jane Eyre is a deeply introspective, ( psychological) novel and such asides up to a point move the plot along and set the stage.