Why are there different churches for the religion of Christianity?

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Why are there Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform Jews? Why are there Shiite Muslims and Sunni Muslims? Why are there Vishnu worshipers and Shiva worshipers? Why is there Soto Zen and Rinzai Zen, and why Mahayana and Hinayana Buddhism? There are many differences in belief among Christians and many forms of Christianity.
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What are the different types of Christian churches?

Largest denominations in the world Catholicism - 1.2 billion . Roman Catholic Church - 1,147 million [1] . Roman Catholic Church (Latin Rite) - 1,125.5 million . Eas

Why are there so many different churches within the Christian religion?

There are only few issues that define Christian religion. Many other questions, like the form of worship, does not make or break a Christian, many questions are matters of opi

How many different christian churches are there?

There can really only be ONE Christian religion. Anyone can call themselves 'Christian'; but that doesn't mean that they really are. Matthew 7:22, 23 shows that while

What is difference true Christianity and the Church Religion?

Some People believe that if you go to church you are a christian but it is much more than that to be a christian. There is a difference from saying you are a christian and be

Different types of Christian churches?

This is not actually a question. However there are so many that it is impossible to count. There are many groups of people who call themselves a church. A true church in the b

Is the Catholic Church the first Christian religion?

Yes, the Catholic Church is the original Christian religion. However, the term Catholic did not come into use until the second century. Prior to that they were simply known as

How does the church help Christians belong to their religion?

Obviously, being a Christian is not all church-orientated but church is considered very important as it is mentioned in the Bible. The Bible is the 'manual' of how Christians

What church is the holiest in the Christian religion?

First, let's define "church." In the New Testament the word church comes from the Greek word "ekklesia," which means "assembly." In the book of Leviticus chap. 23:1-44, Yahweh

How is the morman religion different from the christian religion?

The founder of the Mormon religion was Joseph Smith. Smith claimed to have magic vision rocks, and that one of them led him to a barn, where he claimed to dig up a golden book

How is Hindu religion different from Christianity?

Christianity offers salvation and a way to heaven through our savior Jesus Christ, and when people repent and accept Christ as their personal savior, the Holy Spirit works in