Why are you in love?

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Well when you is a male/female that is attractive or has a nice personality then your brain tells you that he/she I the one for you.

Why are you in love with a man that loves his 1st baby's mother?

Answer . Love is difficult, we don't get to choose who we love most of the time and our hearts choose the oddest people to love. You need to accept that this man is not fo

Why are you in love with a man who doesnt really love you?

Most of us crave attention but the problem is sometimes the attention we crave is something that is just going to hurt us. If you think this man doesn't love you then sit down

Why are you in love with white guys when your not white?

It simply doesn't matter what your skin color/race or ethnicity is when it comes to attraction. I'm white but I find black/Asian guys really attractive and vice versa. So I wo

Why are you in love with this guy you have never met?

Because you're stupid and think any guy is trust worthy enough and he begins to mean the world to you, but in reality you don't know who he is and what he wants. there only us

Why are you in love with Edward Cullen?

There are many reasons for this, the main one being that, as he is a vampire, he is THE most gorgeous man ever to have walked the earth. Fact Another one is that you love him

Why are you in love with your adoptive mother?

because you feel that shes not your mom and that you get emotional when you are close to her! like me im 18 years old and i had sex and love with my adoptivemother because i t

Why are you in love with a fictional character?

This is because you see this character alot on tv or at stores andyou start creating a bond with that fitional character. Soon you'llend up falling in love with that character

Why are you in love with your best friend?

You are in love with your Best friend because usually your friends aren't ugly and pure usually attracted to them which sparks the friendship first and you know everything abo
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Why are you in love with a cartoon?

Most of us are in love with cartoons because we all have that one special cartoon on the television that we love from our childhood that brings up the best memories :)

Why are you in love with Harry Styles?

Well..Because he's romantic, he's kind, he's funny, he's caring, he's sweet. He has a huge heart (That's his downfall, when he falls in love, he loves too much) He has a cheek

Why are you in love with your psychiatrist?

people generally fall in love with their psychologist because they believe that person is there to listen to whatever they say. The psychologist understands them and they feel