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Why brothers want to find more good looking and superior girl than their sisters?

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It's just in the average boys senses.. It's the first thing that enters their mind.. Sadly :( ♥

But, on the otherhand most boys just think before they speak...♥
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Do sisters fight more than brothers do?

  well at first I thought yes but now that I live with 4 boys that r all brothers I dont know. But me and my sis fight a lot it depends on the people and the family invior

What if your brother says that girls have to masturbate and his sister doesn't want to does she have to?

  No! Your brother is not your boss and has no right telling you or anyone else what they should be doing. He is also wrong, because no-one 'has-to' do anything that they

Why do girls want to look good?

  There are many reasons to why girls want to look good. But several answers shed some light on the answer that you want.   1. Girls want to compete for who looks bette

Jennifer's brother Matthew has one more brother than he has sisters How many more brothers than sisters does Jennifer have?

Start by looking at it from Matthew's point of view... If his only sister was Jennifer then he would have: 1 sister (Jennifer) You are told in the question that he has one

If you were adopted when you were a teenager and then they adopt a girl who is a teenager is it wrong to have feelings for each other that are more than brother and sister?

It is not "wrong" to have feelings for each other that are more  than brother and sister. However, it may be best for you two to try  and remember that you are now brother a

Why mostly brothers are superior than sisters?

I (being a girl) don't believe that brothers are superior to sisters, and tend to state that out loud. I was raised being informed that we are equals and should be treated tha