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Why can't Country Roads be West Virginia's State Song?

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1. The song refers to the Shenandoah River, of which only a small fraction flows thru WV, the rest of it is in Virginia 2. Also referenced is the Blue Ridge Mountains, virtualy none of which are in West Virginia 3. Rumor has it the song was originally entitled "Old Virginia"
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What are West Virginia's state symbols?

  The State Flag and Seal and the State's other official symbols which include:   * The Brook Trout as the state fish.  * The European Honey Bee as the state insect. 

What is Virginia's state song?

The state song of Virginia is "Carry Me Back to Old Virginny". It  is an African American spiritual song that was written by James  Bland in about 1878.

What is West Virginia's nickname?

The Mountaineer State . The Panhandle State West Virginia nicknames include"Mountain State", "Switzerland of America", and "PanhandleState".

What is West Virginia's state song?

The West Virginia Hills, This is My West Virginia, and West Virginia, My Home Sweet Home are all official state songs.

What is the West Virginia's Official State Animal?

  West Virginia has several, actually. Animal: Black Bear Bird: Cardinal Reptile: Timber Rattlesnake Insect: Honeybee Butterfly: Monarch Fish: Brook Trout  

What is the state song of West Virginia?

  It has three official state songs:   * The West Virginia Hills  * This is My West Virginia and  * West Virginia, My Home Sweet Home.

What is West Virginia's biggest Island?

Possibly Wheeling Island on the Ohio River and in the City of Wheeling which with a population of about 3,000 is only 375 acres but is surely the largest by population if not