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Why can't we see the moon during new moon phases?

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During the new moon phase, light from the Sun can only reach the side of the Moon that is facing away from us, as the Moon at this point is roughly between the Sun and Earth. During this time, the Moon and Sun rise and set at about the same time of day, and so are in the sky together, with the Moon being too dark to see. Occasionally the Sun, Moon and Earth will be perfectly aligned during the new moon phase for a few minutes, resulting in a solar eclipse (the unlit "disk" of the Moon can be seen passing in front of the Sun). New moon is the first phase of the lunar cycle, with the visible moon getting fuller (waxing) eventually becoming a full moon and then getting thinner (waning) to the next new moon. The process starts all over again, taking 29.5 days to complete its cycle.
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Why don't eclipses occur during every full moon and new moon phase?

Eclipses don't happen at every new or full moon because an eclipse can only occur when the moon, sun, and earth are aligned with each other. The moon's orbit is slightly incli

Why can't we see the new moon from earth?

NEW MOON The new moon is the phase of the moon when the moon is not visible from Earth, because the side of the moon that is facing us is not being lit by the sun.

Why can't you see the Moon when it is a new moon?

The "new moon" is when the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun, and the lighted half is facing the Sun, and away from the Earth. The Moon gets its light from the Sun, and m

Why can't you see a new moon?

During a new moon, the side of the moon that is illuminated by sunlight is facing away from Earth so that the dark side of the moon is facing Earth. However, during a total

Where is the moon when you can see a new moon?

In space. Comment: It's hard to disagree with that. The answer you need is that the Moon is between the Sun and Earth. The alignment isn't usually exact because the Moon's orb

Why cant we see the moon during the new moon phase?

You can see the New Moon, if by that you mean that first slim crescent. (It'll be quite close to the Sun, so look carefully). It's the "Dark of the Moon" you can't see, becaus

Why can't we see a new moon in our sky?

Because it is in between the Earth and the Sun, causing no light to be reflected from the sun to the Earth. Basically, there is no portion of the Moon facing both the Sun and