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Why did American colonist dislike the vice-admiralty courts?

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because they were basically colonists in a British jury-less court. Colonists were usually there for smuggling, and they were almost ALWAYS found guilty.
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Why did the colonists dislike the tax?

Because they were extremely high taxes while those who lived in England did not have to pay as much.

Why did colonists dislike mercantilism?

because it was in favor of the British Mercantilism was the economic philosophy underlying early European colonial policy. The object of mercantilism was to increase the wealt

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Colonists disliked the Quebec Act because it canceled all of thier western land claims and it threatened a lot of their religious freedom. This act was also listed as one of t

How did the native americans feel about the colonist?

Some Indian tribes,such as the Iroquois,welcomed the colonists---they welcomed the knowledge of land usage,and the trading of goods.Some tribes,such as the Hurons, fought with

Why did the colonists dislike the quartering act?

British Officers would knock upon the door of a home and then instruct the residents that they were to house and feed soldiers. The Quartering-Act was part of the intolerable

Why did the colonists and native americans clash?

They did not get along because of a civilization war the Native hated everything about the Colonist.The Native people were jealous of there goods and everything they had.But t