Why did Garry Moore shake hands with his left hand?

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Could it have anything to do with the fact that Moore always had a cigarette in his right hand?
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Why does Howie Mandel not shake hands?

Howie mandel does not shake hands with people because he, in fact, has Germaphobia (a fear of germs) and, on the reality show "America's Got Talent" he quote, said when the judges were running out to they're seats and hi-fiving the fans "I hate this part because I don't want to touch them."

What causes a car to shake and make it difficult to make left hand turns?

this could be a number of problems sorry but i would start with the cheapest first have service shop check balance of rim/ tire buy a repair manual spacific for your car find trouble shooting section replace wheel bearing check for sloppy suspention or steering componants while apart repla (MORE)

Could a left hand shake seal a bet?

Yes. Although a right-hand shake is the custom, both honest people and dishonest people pay little regard to which hand is used to 'seal' the bet. An honest person intends to honor the agreement, and a dishonest person intends to welch-- whichever way they can-- regardless of which hand was used for (MORE)

Why do people shake with their right hand?

People in underdeveloped countries wipe themselves with their left hand. Thus the left hand is considered unclean. That's correct, and another factor comes from the northern countries (Sweden, Norway, and also some other parts of Europe) where the handshake was a symbolic mean of peace. You usually (MORE)

What is a computer hand shake?

From: http://www.computerhope.com/jargon/h/handshak.htm . Computer Handshake . Term used to describe the process of one computer establishing a connection with another computer or device. The handshake is often the steps of verifying the connection, the speed, and/or the authorization of t (MORE)

How do you be left handed?

You don't "do" you just "are".. You can't change the dominance of your hands but you can improve your handwriting. So if you want to be left handed, just work on using it. You can't become left handed but you can certainly be ambidextrous!

Does alcohol cause your hands to shake?

Usually it is withdrawal from alcohol that causes the shakes. And how would u know this? Yes, especially when you drink every day then try to do something such as write a letter or hold something steady. No, it doesn't make your hands shake everyday its only when your really drunk. I know this (MORE)

What is the meaning of Shaking Sinatra's hand?

Sinatra was a gentleman's gentleman, the guy had class for a richman, he never looked down his nose to people and he neverbackstabbed if you went up to him he talked to you like a bestfriend. If you shook Sinatra's hand its like saying you shook agood mans hand, so for you to backstab someone like, (MORE)

When do you shake hands?

You can shake hands for a variety of different occasions. You can shake upon greeting someone you are meeting for the first time, you can shake at the beginning and end of business meetings. You can shake to close a deal on a non-verbal agreement. These are all methods we use here in the west. There (MORE)

What are hand shakes?

people shake hands to greet each other and thus it becomes an introduction to further friendly conversation. In the days when people carried weapons, knives and swords, an outstreched arm without it holding an offensive weapon suggested that people were not going to harm each other

Why do your hands shake?

Uncontrollable hand shaking could be tremors. There are manyproblems that can cause tremors which may include: alcohol abuse,neurological disorders, overactive thyroid, liver failure, andmore.

Why don't people shake hands?

People still shake hands sometimes, it is just not a very common way to greet someone in this generation. Most of the time, people greet by a high five or just saying hi. People usually shake hands to show they are greeting the person and that they are happy to meet them. I have found shaking han (MORE)

Do you need to shake hands on a deal?

you do not need to shake hands to make a deal, it is a myth that people believe you need to do but the only reason people started doin it after a deal is made to show a sign of friendship

What makes your hands shake?

well it could be parkinsons disease or being too cold or you could have something called a tremor or you could just be a nervous person because my hands shake a lot just because im always nervous

Is their a disease that causes your hands to shake?

The most severe disease with this symptom is Parkinson's, but this is usually not the case and is most likely something non-serious, such as having too much caffiene, having a low blood sugar level and anxiety. One thing that it can be is Essential Tremor, or what the other person said Parkinson's (MORE)

Why do your hands keep shaking?

There are several conditions that can cause hand tremors. 1. Anxiety. If you are anxious about something, nervous, frightened or otherwise have an elevated adrenalin level, your hands are likely to shake. 2. Medical conditions. Parkinson's disease, alcoholic "DT's", and other medical conditions (MORE)

Why do you use the right hand for shaking hands?

For most people, it is there dominant hand, and that is just the way it has been done for centuries. Its probably the same reason why its the same hand we have over our hearts when we say a national anthem. The dominant hand is/was also used to weild weapons which is the root of why we use that h (MORE)

Why are you left handed?

if you are left handed then you were born that way There is a gene for right-handedness, but not for left-handedness. If you have the gene, you are an obligate right-hander, barring something like being born without a right hand, or an injury near birth to the part of your brain that controls your (MORE)

Shaking hands with the left?

in the cowbow days! if you trusted someone you would shake hands with them with the hand that you WEREN'T holding any hidden blades and stuff (your shield hand!!!) And today no guns.

What can cause your hands to shake?

They could shake if you are nervous, excited, something great just happened to you, have Parkinson's disease or essential tremors. Drinking alcohol in moderation provides temporary relief for essential tremors and may reduce the risk of developing Parkinson's disease.

Hand spasms in left hand?

i get tingling in my fingers of my left hand and what appears to me cramps where the muscle tightens and my fingers curl inwards it can be very painfull. my left arm becomes quite weak . su

Why do people spit on their hand when they shake hands?

It is a primitive way of solemnizing a bargain. It is not done in "polite society." Even more primitively, this saliva swapping derived from the old blood oath, of making a cut in the hand and co-mingling blood. Now, we say , for persons of integrity, " His word is his bond" .No bodily fluids need (MORE)

Did Hitler shake hands with his left hand?

No. Hitler did not shake hands with his left hand. There are many photographs which can prove this, also note that there is no photograph of Adolf Hitler which portrays his shake hand with the left hand. For visual confirmation, search about "Stauffenberg" on Wikipedia, there will be a photograph (MORE)

What hand do you shake anther persons hand with?

You shake someone's hand with your right hand. Unless you are a Boy Scout greeting another scout in uniform. Lord Baden-Powell instituted the left hand shake to emulate the Ashanti warriors of Africa who shook with their left hands as it necessitated letting go of their shields - thus indicating t (MORE)

Why do you shake hands when meeting a stranger?

Back in cave man days, when two people would meet, at a distance they'd hold up their empty hands to show they had no weapons. This evolved throughout history to where it is today with the hand shake. It is a greeting that indicates peace or friendship and respect.

What hand do you shake with?

In most cultures, it is traditional to shake with the right hand . In Europe, for example, this was a sign of trust; you allowed the other person to clasp your sword hand, preventing you from initiating an attack. Whereas in the Middle East, this was and is a sign of respect; using the left h (MORE)

Why does Ozzy Osbournes hands shake?

He has a very rare desease called parkins syndrome. Its is NOT the same as parkinsons disease. They are only about 5 people known to have this condition in the world. The desease attacks your nerves. It is managable. In order for Ozzy to have gotten this disease both his mother and his father had to (MORE)

Why does Queen Elizabeth not shake hands?

British protocol Queen Elizabeth II does shake hands with people that she meets in an official capacity on official visits. For security reasons she does not shake hands with members of the public when they gather to see her. I was privileged to shake her hand on her State Visit to Germany in Berli (MORE)

Can you get an STD from shaking hands?

That's 100% Absolutely NO!. ___________________________ HIGHLY unlikely. If you both had open bleeding sores on your hands, it might be possible - but you wouldn't be shaking bloody hands, now, would you? So, 99.999% no.

Why do cubs shake hands with their left hand?

Actually, Cub Scouts don't shake with the left hand. The Cub Scout handshake is done with the right hand, with the index and middle fingers extended and placed against the other person's wrist. The Boy Scout handshake is an ordinary handshake done with the left hand.

What hands do people shake with?

The commonly accepted practice is to shake hands using your right hand. There are exceptions of course; not everyone has a right hand, some people have an injured or impaired right hand. In these cases, the person that can't use their right hand usually have devised other strategies for greeting som (MORE)

Why does my turtle shakes his hands?

It could ether be a mating dance, or it could be trying to show Dominance Towards a male turtle (males do it to other males but females do it "sometimes") I'm still not sure how to tell why they do that but it can be one of those two if anyone knows please tell me you can Emil me at hellokitty009del (MORE)

Why does Russell howard shake hands with his left hand?

Russell wrote the following, that's why he cannot shake with his right hand: Hello I thought I'd write an official message to you because the news of my recent stay in hospital has started to emerge and, as well as receiving lots of nice messages from well-wishers, there have also been lots of in (MORE)

Does a left hand shake still seal a bet?

It really depends on how you shake, left, or right. To some people it may not matter, and to others it's not their thing. Usually left hand shakes are to show honor in Boy Scouts in most occasions. The shake is up to you as long as the other person agrees, so then it's fair.

When did people start to hand shake?

The origins of the hand shake are still debated but archeological proof of Greeks practicing shaking hands have been found which date back to the 4th century BC. It is thought that the practice symbolized the act of peaceful intentions with first the open palm and the joining of hands.