Why did Garry Moore shake hands with his left hand?

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Could it have anything to do with the fact that Moore always had a cigarette in his right hand?
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Could a left hand shake seal a bet?

Yes. Although a right-hand shake is the custom, both honest people and dishonest people pay little regard to which hand is used to 'seal' the bet. An honest person intends to

Can you shake hands with your left?

Yes but as most people are right handed it maight be more prtactical to learn to shake with your right hand. (That is my opinion only)

What are hand shakes?

people shake hands to greet each other and thus it becomes an introduction to further friendly conversation. In the days when people carried weapons, knives and swords, an out

Why do your hands shake?

Uncontrollable hand shaking could be tremors. There are manyproblems that can cause tremors which may include: alcohol abuse,neurological disorders, overactive thyroid, liver

Shaking hands with the left?

in the cowbow days! if you trusted someone you would shake hands with them with the hand that you WEREN'T holding any hidden blades and stuff (your shield hand!!!) And today

Did Hitler shake hands with his left hand?

No. Hitler did not shake hands with his left hand. There are many photographs which can prove this, also note that there is no photograph of Adolf Hitler which portrays his sh

What hand do you shake with?

In most cultures, it is traditional to shake with the right hand . In Europe, for example, this was a sign of trust; you allowed the other person to clasp your sword hand,

Why do cubs shake hands with their left hand?

Actually, Cub Scouts don't shake with the left hand. The Cub Scout handshake is done with the right hand, with the index and middle fingers extended and placed against the oth
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Why does Russell howard shake hands with his left hand?

Russell wrote the following, that's why he cannot shake with his right hand: Hello I thought I'd write an official message to you because the news of my recent stay in hosp

Does a left hand shake still seal a bet?

It really depends on how you shake, left, or right. To some people it may not matter, and to others it's not their thing. Usually left hand shakes are to show honor in Boy Sco