Why did God make homosexuals?

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Religious Explanations for Homosexuality Please note that this question asks about why God made homosexuals, so it assumes that the person asking and answering the question share a common faith in God. See the related question for scientific explanations of homosexuality. Even though this question assumes a common faith in God, not everyone who believes in God shares the same beliefs about homosexuality. Here are some different viewpoints.
  • It isn't possible for us to identify all possible situations where all possible behaviors can be significant, but if you believe in a Creator, it's quite easy to imagine He/She would be able to identify the need for this kind of diversity, without putting judgment on the need to have the behavior included in the repertoire of human behaviors. Our problem is, some people become judgmental when facing what they do not understand.
  • This is a question that never can be truly answered and opinions can only be given. It's like saying "why does God allow babies to die at birth" or "why does God let good and honest people die by the hands of a murderer." I know I'm going to get my backside kicked on this one, but so be it. I am a Christian. This is strictly MY opinion on the matter. I do believe that most gays (some choose to be gay at a later date) are truly born this way. After all, we are created from the same substance as stars and our bodies are full of hormones. My theory is that some people have more of one hormone than another. No one has the right to chastise or cause pain towards ANYONE that is different be it sexually or racially. I was brought up that we are ALL God's children. To pick on or condemn a gay person or a person of a different color is a slap in God's face. HE is the only one that has the right to decide whether it's right or wrong. If one is a Christian then they must believe that no matter if they feel it's right or wrong regarding gays they do not have the right to harm or belittle anyone that is gay. I also find that people that protest the loudest against gays are simply afraid of the unknown. There is nowhere in the Bible that mentions gays are not acceptable. It does say "and man shall be with woman" but, also in the Bible it does mention gay activity (as we understand it today.)
  • God "made" homosexuals for the same reason He made other sinners. From Adam and Eve we have been given the right '''and''' responsibility to choose for ourselves whom we would follow: God, or our own wisdom. Adam chose poorly, and this world has suffered for it ever since. The side question to all this is whether homosexuality is something one is born with, or if it is the result of decisions made afterward. Given the number of people I know personally who have '''chosen''' to leave the homosexual lifestyle for a heterosexual one, I have to say that not all homosexuals are "born that way," and therefore have zero responsibility in their choices. By the same token, heterosexuals are just as "born that way" towards desiring the opposite gender, but the responsibility of choice on what to do with that desire is there as well. Matthew 13:24-30 provides a parable that may help explain why God allows certain things to happen; Jesus explains the parable in verses 36-42. See the Related Links for links to these verses.
  • God created homosexuals so they would provide valuable services, such as , food gathering, protection from attack/predators, production of goods/services for their society, while at the same time not increase the burden on that society by bringing into it more children in need of care, food and protection from attack.
  • God does not make sinners - He makes people, and people choose to sin. God created man in his own image , but that has nothing to do with God creating homosexuals, because God is not a homosexual. God is in fact heterosexual, and therefore anything created in his image would also be heterosexual, not homosexual.)) We are placed on the earth with agency, or the ability to act for ourselves. God does not force anyone to do anything. The way you are is the way you have decided to be. Does God make people sin? No. He teaches us why we should not sin. So why would God make someone be homosexual? In the Bible we read the account of when He destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Why? Because they were all sinners and it was better for them to die then to continue sinning and making themselves worse. So what was their sin? The Bible says that it was two main things: Homosexuality and Bestiality (also called Sodomy, receiving its name from this biblical city). So if God destroyed those cities for being homosexuals, why would He make people homosexuals? He doesn't. It's your choice, and he wants everyone, including homosexuals to repent and return to Him.
  • This assumes belief that a deity exists. Without belief in a deity the answer is rather simple. The cause of homosexuality is identical to the cause of heterosexuality.
  • The Bible is God's word, the truth, and a guide as to living in this material world, and nowhere in the bible does it agree with homosexuality. We cannot bend the teaching of the bible to accommodate our likes and dislikes, but in fact that is what people do. You should read what the Bible says about homosexuality and then repent of your sins and be forgiven.
  • Readers should be aware that the foregoing opinions on homosexuality represent just a few of the many viewpoints embraced by the various organized religions. Indeed, some religions openly accept homosexuality while many others tacitly condone it. Most stop well short of equating homosexuals with "perverts, child molesters and murderers."
  • God created homosexuals, or gay people as some say, as a means of population control.
  • When God created us, He created us to have free will and choices. and to make our own decisions. That's why when you sin or make a wrong decision, he doesn't strike lightning down on you. He simply lets you pay for what you did with natural consequences.
  • God didn't create homosexuals, but created humans with free will and choice. Those people just made the decision to like the same sex. There's nothing wrong with it.
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When did God create homosexuals before of after heterosexuals?

Answer . Thus God did not and would not create something to which He wasopposed. It occurred after the fall, as an extension of man'srebellion against God's order, as allowed by the fact that man hasa free-will. . Here is another answer to this question: . If we are god's creatures and he estab (MORE)

How do you make a god?

There are those that believe that gods were made by man. For others it is a fundamental part of their belief that god is infinite and created the universe. It depends on what you believe.

Why did God make human life?

god isnt real so he couldnt make human life, this is proven by scientists and its just a myth like the easter bunny or the tooth fairy.

Did God make dinosaurs?

Since God made 'heaven and earth and all that in them is,' then it would certainly include the dinosaurs. According to a straightforward reading of Genesis 1, most of these would have been created on day 6, although it would appear that the flying reptiles may have been created on day 5. also Ge (MORE)

Do tight pants make preteen boys look like homosexuals?

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What did god make?

If you believe in God, then God would have made everything by definition of being omnipotent.

Does God forgive homosexuality?

YES!. 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 says, "Don't you realize that those who do wrong will not inherit the Kingdom of God? Don't fool yourselves. Those who indulge in sexual sin, or who worship idols, or commit adultery, or are male prostitutes, or practice homosexuality , or are thieves, or greedy people, (MORE)

Did God destroy Sodom and Gommorah because of homosexuality?

That is a very debatable question.. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of the great amount of sin found in those cities. "But the men of Sodom were exceedingly wicked and sinful against the LORD." Genesis 13:13 (NKJV) "For we will destroy this place, because the outcry against them has grown (MORE)

Will God forgive homosexuality on Judgment Day?

Yes, God will forgive all sins if we repent and turn from our sins,come to Him and are saved. God hates all sin, regardless of thesin. Sin is sin in Gods eyes; he sees a lie the same as a murder.The only difference is that some sins come with greaterconsequences. We are all sinful and fall short of (MORE)

What does God say about homosexuality?

You will get a variety of answers, depending on which religious person you ask, which sort of proves that if God said anything, he/she/it wasn't very clear. . There is lots of evidence that homosexuality is at least partly genetic, which - if you're a believer - means that God created us. "And God (MORE)

It says in the Bible that God hates homosexuals but why does he hate them?

Jewish Answer It does not say anywhere in the Bible that God hates homsexuals,and in fact, homosexuality as a nature wasn't even mentioned.Christians love to use certain verses to justify their need to denypeople rights or persecute them, particularly Leviticus 18:22, butthese verses have multiple (MORE)

Why does god hate homosexuals when they haven't done anything wrong?

All religions function by creating an 'in-group' and an 'out-group'. The believers gain in their sense of personal identity by distinguishing themselves from the non-elect. Most religions are wise enough to realise that by identifying unpopular minorities with the 'out-group' they will make the ex (MORE)

Does God approve of homosexuality?

In the New Testament, Paul writes that homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of heaven. The good news of the New Testament is that God loves everybody, and wants to see all people, gay or straight, enter into the kingdom. Paul goes on to say that some of the people in the church used to be homose (MORE)

What does God make?

God created everything like trees, flowers, He makes it rain and He makes it sunny. He made you and me and everybody. And He died on a cross for all your sins that you do daily. He took the ultimate punishment for YOU! isn't that amazing! and He loves you but he wants you to repent (ask for forgiven (MORE)

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First, you go to the island with the Dino, and make a fire. Then you burn a pygmy until it turns black. Go to the ice island, and make an ice hole(By making the sun bigger and letting pygmies burn through the ice). Then you drop in the burned pygmy, and there you have it. The geyser.

What makes people not believe in God?

it is easier to say they are no god and be done with it than to look for their self. when looking for a answer too many people tells different things and some don't know their self and they pick a answer and stop looking for it there self but you got to look deep and long pray hard you will see ther (MORE)

Can God deliver you from homosexuality?

A: Nope, people are Born gay and can not be changed to being straight, God had them be born gay for a reason so don't try to over ride His will. A: Homosexuality is a curse from God, put onto those that were evil and has probably carried down to their decedents or been put onto those that are (MORE)

Where does it say that Homosexuality is wrong and against Gods Wordi n the Bible?

Leviticus 18:22 says-Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman, that is detestable. Romans 1: 26-27,32 says-Because of this God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with wome (MORE)

What god says about homosexuals?

In all honesty, its an abomination to God. However, homosexuality is like any other sin (for example adultery) and no sin is too big for G-d. Once you are born-again, God will gradually deliver you from homosexuality and start making you more Christ-like and more how He intended you to be. I know it (MORE)

How can you can make a close relationship with GOD?

Speaking of getting a 'close relationship' with the God of the Bible, as in ANY relationship, the first thing to do, is to: LEARN ABOUT the other person. In this case, God . (John 17:3) There are several ways to do this: 1. Look at his accomplishments. Look around in the natural world thoug (MORE)

Is homosexuality against god?

If god made everyone, then he made gay people (who do not choose their sexuality). "And god saw everything that he had made, and it was good."

When did God make the angels?

The Bible does not give an exact date, but we know they were present when the earth was created, so sometime before humanity existed.(Job 38:4-7)

Did God make Buddah?

Buddhism does nor have creator gods. In terms of other religions,that may be the way they view things. Their beliefs mean little toBuddhists. In terms of this question, since "God" is capitalized the Christiangod is assumed, The question of whether Brahma (the Creator( fromHinduism ) created Jesus w (MORE)

Why did god make horses?

God made horses because He has an answer for you even before you have the need. He made horses as an example of His unconditional love. He made horses as a constant reminder that no matter what is going on in your life, if it's as simple as looking into a horses eyes for you to know it will be ok... (MORE)

Did god make evolution happen?

Scentifically speaking: no, God doesn't exist and evolution is an entirely natural process. . Religious-conservatively speaking: no, evolution isn't real. God made everything the way it is now. . Religious-liberally/moderately speaking: yes, evolution is God's way of making his work happen.

Did man make God or God make man?

God made man (see Genesis 1:26). He created this whole Galaxy! andit is true. He even created you. Another answer Great question, but in my opinion i think that men made god, ithink it's all a fraud for the church to get easy money, whatreally guarantees us that god exists if he is only one god am (MORE)

What does god make to you?

God made u because he wants you to be with him and he wants to test you if u will fall for the devil's tricks.

What makes homosexuality condemnable in the eyes of society and the church?

It must be realized that the person or soul is not the abomination but it is the sin. Paul discusses a wide enumeration of the types of people who will not inherit the kingdom. Liars, backbiters, murderers, fornicators, and others are numbered. Fornication is seen as any type of sexual relationsh (MORE)

What makes homosexuality condemnable in the eyes of society?

This is a difficult question to answer, because there are two very different and very polarized views of homosexuality today. One view is traditional and religious, and it definitely does condemn homosexuality. This view is based on the interpretation of certain Bible verses (both in the Hebrew Bibl (MORE)

Does God look down on homosexuality?

No. God loves ALL his children he is perfect and he makes everyonein his image so he made some people gay and that was his plan. Youdon't punish something that you created.

When Did God Say Homosexuality was sin?

Answer: God doesn't say homosexuality is a sin. The word "homosexuality"isn't in the Bible. He says: "Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination ." (Lev.18:22) " Abomination ": "( tebel ") --mixture, i.e. unnatural bestiality: KJV--confusion." (Literal Biblew/Strong's (MORE)

What makes girls homosexuality?

You can't make a homosexual, it's not something that can be created. It's just who you're attracted to, it's with you from birth, even do you might not know it.. Nothing can make someone homosexual if they're not homosexual. It's not a choice, it's just how it is. So genetics makes a girl homosexual (MORE)

How do you make a God in doodle god?

In Doodle God you are the god. You cannot create yourself. In Doodle God you are the god. You cannot create yourself. But you can make a demigod by mixing either magic and wizard or energy and wizard. If not, sorry for wasting your time.

Does god see homosexuality as an abomination?

yes, god does see homosexuality as "detestable" as written in the bible, but understand this. he thinks that about homosexuality, NOT the person committing the act but the act itself. God loves each and every one of us as a father would love his children. He would never say that one of his children (MORE)

Where in the Bible does it say God doesn't like homosexuals and drunks?

For Homosexuality , called Sodomy in scripture, God says plainly and clearly in Genesis 13:13, Leviticus 18:22 , Romans 1:27, I Timothy 1:8-10 what He thinks about Homosexuality. It is an abomination and is not natural. Deuteronomy 22:5 A woman must not wear men's clothing, nor a man wear wo (MORE)

Why does God hate homosexuality?

God does not hate. Period. People have made this statement for their own purposes and beliefs. A large number of these people are in fact gay and refuse to admit to it. They preach against it which is self hate and they think if they are loud enough, no one will suspect the of being gay.

Does God really hate homosexuals or was that put in by mankind because humans cant handle baggage or anyone that's different from them?

No he doesn't hate people for who they are. He gave man choice and the hate that people do to others is a choice they make. Sadly people still hate people who are different in some way. This just reflects the problems they have and not the person who they hate. Just like the bully who causes another (MORE)

What makes God God?

There are many different types of theology, so no single answer will satisfy everybody, however in general it seems that the defining characteristic of God is that He is (or is believed to be) the Creator of the universe. Anyone who has created the universe would be able to claim the title of God.

What does God say on homosexuality?

It depends on which god and which religion you are talking about.Different religions have different views on homosexuality. It is very dangerous to speak on behalf of God, but I feel that Godloves everyone, and is more concerned with war and suffering, thanhe is with how people have orgasms.

How does the bible reconcile the concept of agape love and homosexuality It appears you should love each other AGAPE and god will deal with those involved in homosexuality Is that correct?

Yes that is correct. Agape is unconditional love it is not emotional tender love. "Christian love, whether exercised toward the brethren, or toward men generally, is not an impulse from the feelings, it does not always run with the natural inclinations, nor does it spend itself only upon those f (MORE)

Is the homosexual nature of God self-evident in the fact that he is without spouse or significant other making him not only gay but non-monogamous?

No, it is not self-evident; it is actually a contradiction interms. Assuming that God is a person with human qualities, which issomething that all major God-fearing religions would contest, thedefinitions would still not hold. If God is without spouse, thatwould make God celibate or non-committal a (MORE)

Why is god against homosexuality?

Most people who believe in God, believe that God is against bad choices. Since homosexuality is not a choice, It's hard to support the idea that God is against homosexuality. People believe many different things about God, but most people believe God is against bad choices. Since homosexuality is n (MORE)

Why did God create homosexuals if He hates homosexuality?

Your right God hates homosexuality but God didn't createhomosexuals. God doesn't force people to obey Him and this kind ofbehaviour is a result of people turning away from God and His ways. Romans 1:24 - 27 Therefore God also gave them up touncleanness, in the lusts of their hearts, to dishonor t (MORE)