Why did Hitler target people with disabilities?

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Hitler targeted people with disabilities because they were "unfit" fit for society and he wanted people that were perfect "Aryans" to set a good example of what the future would have to look like.
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Why did Hitler specifically target young people?

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Why did Hitler hate disabled people?

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Why did Hitler kill disabled people?

Because Hitler believed that they were no use to Germany and and disabled people that were 'curable' were taken to do experiments on.

What did Hitler do to the Jews disabled and gay people?

he put them all into concentration camps... killed the ones that couldn't work on arrival, and kept the ones that could work around. they worked until they themselves died,

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They were raised to hate any race other than Germans, especially Jews, whom Hitler blamed for the recent Depression. They payed board-games that consisted of "capturing as man

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Anyone unlike him. He believed that the Germans were the master race on the earth and all others were inferior. Especially: Jews, English, French.... He even had a perfect