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Why did Nazis target certain groups for elimination?

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Which groups did the Nazis target as victims?

Short answer: Jews, 'gypsies' (Romanies and Sinti), Soviet prisoners of war, Communists, liberals, other political dissidents, incurables, Jehovah's Witnesses and homosexuals.

What were the groups targeted by the Nazis?

The Nazis Targeted:People of Jewish FaithHomosexualsPeople whose beliefs were on the far left of the political spectrum (i.e. a communist)PolesSlavsRussiansRomaniansMentally i

Which groups were targeted by the Nazis?

The nazis targeted people of the Jewish ethnicity and race, people  with hereditary diseases, disabled people, homosexuals, and the  Jehovah's Witnesses.

Why did the nazi want to eliminate undesirable groups?

The Nazis wanted to eliminate the undesirable groups because they  were believed to be enemies of the state and were unable to live  and work within a stable society. Origin

What other groups of people were targeted by the nazis and why?

There were many groups targeted by the Nazis, each for their own  reason, but fundamentally because the Nazis did not see a place for  them in German society.    Diff

What groups of people were targeted by Nazi Racism?

Jews , Gypsies , anyone NOT of Christian Faith. anyone who was not of "Pure" blood, (ARYAN) ___ With respect, Christianity has absolutely nothing to do with race! Nazi r

What did the Nazis do to the targeted groups?

what happened to them was similar, though on a differing scale. Obviously taking the Jews and the gypsies out of it as theirs was a totally different experience. They would

What groups did the Nazi target during the holocaust?

In addition to the Jews of Europe, many millions (I don't quote a number because it varies from source to source) of non Jews were specifically targeted by Hitler and the Nazi