Why did Washington name Washington state Washington?

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He didn't. The Monticello Convention of 1852 chose that name.

They wanted to have at least one state named after a president. George Washington had been dead for over 50 years before the state was named.

Oddly, the first choice of names was "Columbia", but it was felt that it would be confused with the "District of Columbia", so it was named Washington instead, in 1852. It did not become an official state until 1889.
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Is Washington state named after George Washington?

George Washington . Yes, Washington State is named after George Washington. Washington D.C, the capital of the United States of America, is also named after George Washingt

Why was the State of Washington named after George Washington?

As an act of respect. 2nd Answer: The original name that the territory wanted to use was either Lincoln State or Columbia State. (It is south and touching British Columbia)

Did George Washington name the state of Washington?

No. At the time George Washington died in 1799 the US only had 16states. The rest of the continent was held by France, Spain, andBritain. What's now Washington state was part
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What does the state name Washington mean?

Washington state is named After George Washington the first President of the US The state of Washington is named after George Washington, the first president of the United Sta
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What are the names of the 50 Washington states?

There were not fifty states when Washington was president. The territories were gradually turned into states, and the states were gradually voted into the Union.