Why did the liberal party support Australia's involvement in Vietnam war?

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The liberal party hated communism, especially Menzies, the leader of the liberal party at the time. he had even tries banning communism but failed. they wanted to stop communism and also help the US as they had ANZUS and SEATO in place, meaning that they were to help America when America was at war, which they were
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Australia's support in the Vietnam war?

Australia deployed Infantrymen, artillerymen, one squadron of B57 Canberra medium bombers, and one regiment of Centurion medium tanks to South Vietnam.

Was Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War justified?

yes, I had both my father in the australian army WO1 James Murray "67-68 serve in vietnam. And my husband in the american army spec 4 Crosby Donald Coveyduck "68-70 wh

What were the views on Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War?

There were very strong views for and against The for Camp many of whom belonged to the older and more conservative side of society felt that we were helping the Americans

Australia's involvement in Vietnam and support for the US?

Australia sent: One Regiment of Centurion tanks, artillery, infantrymen, a detachment of B-57 Canberra bombers; and the Australian Navy warships: HMAS Perth, HMAS Brisbane, H

Why did the older generations support Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War?

The older generation, and the thinking members of the youngergeneration, could see that the spread of communism by Russia andChina was taking over South East Asia and had to b