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Why did the liberal party support Australia's involvement in Vietnam war?

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The liberal party hated communism, especially Menzies, the leader of the liberal party at the time. he had even tries banning communism but failed. they wanted to stop communism and also help the US as they had ANZUS and SEATO in place, meaning that they were to help America when America was at war, which they were
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What was England's involvement in the Vietnam War?

During the period of US involvement, Britain provided some support. They built the American Air bases in Thailand. Special Forces were also involved on active service. The mos

Who started the liberal party?

  The liberal party was founded in 1944 to replace the United Austrlia Party. The United Australia party was formed in 1931 which was governed by Robert Meckenzie.

Why did the war take place in Vietnam?

The war took place in Vietnam because it was a civil war between north and south Vietnam. north Vietnam were communists and south Vietnam were capitalists. Australia's involve

Why did the RSL support the Vietnam War?

RSL believed that because the previous generation had fought in war so then the current generation had responsibilities to fight in it to. the actions taken by they for others

What were the negative consequences from US involvement in the Vietnam War?

    Answer     The issue of US involvement in Vietnam was deeply divisive in America itself, perhaps more so than any other issue in the 20th century. America