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Why did the liberal party support Australia's involvement in Vietnam war?

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The liberal party hated communism, especially Menzies, the leader of the liberal party at the time. he had even tries banning communism but failed. they wanted to stop communism and also help the US as they had ANZUS and SEATO in place, meaning that they were to help America when America was at war, which they were
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Where was Australia's involvement in World War II?

  Australia was everyhwere in WWII. Their troops fought in North Africa, Italy and the Pacific. It was even Austalian troops that handed the Japanese army its first defeat

What was the US involvement in the Vietnam War?

The US supported the non-communist government of South Vietnam, which was under attack by army and guerrilla forces supported by North Vietnam, with the aid of the Soviet Un

Reasons for why Australia groups supported the involvement in Vietnam war?

in the period between the end of WW 2 and American and Australian involvement in the Vietnam war The non communist parts of the world as a result of a barrage of fear mongerin

What was Australia's involvement in World War 2?

Australian servicemen fought in campaigns against Germany and Italyin Europe, the Mediterranean and North Africa They fought againstJapan in South-east Asia and in other parts

What groups within Australia opposed Australia's involvement in the Vietnam war?

  One group that opposed Australia's involvement was the "SOS Movement" - which were a group of mums who began this protest group in order to abolish conscription and get

Who supported north Vietnam in the Vietnam war?

China and Russia

How did Vietnam get involved in the Vietnam war?

This is a bit of a complex issue, and requires a bit of history. Prior to the Second World War, the current-day country of Vietnam was part of the French Empire, being calle

What was China's involvement in the Vietnam War?

  Nationalist China was a US ally; Red China trained North Vietnamese Air Force MIG 19 jet pilots in Communist China and supplied MIG-19 jet fighters to the NVAF; J6 versi

What groups within Australia supported Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War?

  Supporters for the Vietnam War   The groups within Australia that supported our involvement in the Vietnam war were:   * The Returned Service League (RSL)   *

Reasons for Australia's involvement in Iraq war?

The reason Australia is fighting the war in Iraq is because we have an alliance agreement with America so we are supporting them. Im fairly sure America has pulled out now,

Australia's involvement in World War 1 was?

Australia promised to assist Britain despite the battle zones were far from its coast. In the 1910 -1920, their overall population was only 5 millions but around 330,000 troop