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Why do children need a booster seat if they're under the age of 7?

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Because a standard seatbelt just won't hold them correctly in a crash.
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What age can you use a booster seat in Maryland?

Children who are 4'9' or higher should use booster seats. Age isn't  really a restriction in the state of Maryland, height determines  when children should use a booster sea

What age for booster seat?

I'd say about 3-6 but they have to be a certain height and weight so it's different w/ every kid. Comment from Phatcharapimon : it depends on which types of booster seats; i.

What is a complete defense for children under age of 7?

In most places anyone under the age of 12 is considered incapable of forming the intent to commit a crime.

What is the age for child to be on a booster seat?

40-80 pounds as one of the nation's most important child passenger safety priorities. However, the majority of America's 20 million children who should be riding in booster se

What age does a child no longer need a booster seat in PA?

Minimum of age 8 AND 4'9". The car seat belt must fit snuggly across the child's hips with both feet on the floor and the shoulder belt must not be cutting into their neck. So

Until what age does a child need to use a car seat booster?

Keeping a child safe is an important and essential job. This can be a 24-hour job. Within this job, a parent needs to ensure a child is safe while in the car. This means th