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Why do cows moo?

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Cows need some form of verbal communication if and when body language is not enough to get their point across, or if they have to communicate over a long distance. Their sense of language isn't adapted as ours is, and their tongue is not shaped the way a human's tongue is. The shape of their tongue and vocal chords prevents them from doing much more than make the sound they make. And cows don't actually say "moo". It is just that our own language is limited, and that is the best approximation that people can come up with.

A cow's moo can vary in pitch and frequency much like a human's voice would when talking. However these variances are much more subtle than what we can catch when someone is talking to us. A cow will call if she's panicking and looking for her calf or alerting the herd to a certain threat, or give a sound to sooth her calf if it is nervous about something. Cows will also call if or when they're hungry, when they're looking for a mate, or even trying to locate the rest of the herd. Bulls will "moo" when trying to impress females, challenge another bull, or even utter a threat to someone who he thinks is another bull trying to get his prized herd away from him. The reasons for cows "mooing" is endless; you just need to study a cow herd long enough to know what certain calls are used for and why.
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Does a cow 'moo'?

Cows not only moo but they also grunt, bellow, and make a short deep sound that usually is used to get attention of their calves. Cows do sometimes let out loud sharp bellows,

How do cows moo?

well you suck in air and make a humming sound and then let the air go with you lips in a " O" shape so it makes a owww sound. then you put it together and is says moo :P

What are moo cows?

"Moo cows" are, essentially, cows that moo.

Can cows moo?


Why does a cow moo?

Cows use various sounds to communicate their conditions or instinctive responses, to other cows and other animals.   For example, mooing can alert other cows to distress or

How does a cow moo?

Cows moo just like we talk, only their mouths cannot form a language like we humans have. Cows have the ability to make sound much like a dog barks or a cat meows: with air fo

Why do cows moo annoyingly?

They don't moo just to annoy you. Unless you get annoyed easily and you are the one who is finding their bawling irksome (no offense of course...). There are several reasons w

Do cows moo?

No, cows dont moo. They need to communicate and the sound we hear is the only noise they can make. Moo is not the noise they make, but is the best human equivalent.

Why do cows moo and cats meow?

Because that's how they like to "talk." Each of these animals are two different species, and each have their own way of communicating with humans and with each other.

Why do moo cows that moo moo?

Because they can. It's just like asking why kitty cats meow, puppy dogs bark, humans talk, etc.