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Why do doves represent peace?

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Because it is the symbol of the Holy Spirt and in the story of Noah's Ark noah let a dove out of the ark to see if the waters supsided and it brought back an olive branch.
The Dove is one animal in the world that doesn't kill for food and is fully submissive, even when attacked by other animals, it doesn't retalliate.
The use of the dove as a symbol of peace predates any Christian usage. The dove was a symbol of peace and long life to the ancient Chinese. The ancient Egyptians held the dove to symbolize quiet innocence. These two examples and a number of other references across a number of other cultures all go further back than the use by Christians.
A case could be made for the voice of the dove being the manner after which this easy-going little avian made its way into the hearts of the ancient peoples who came to love it. And it may be part of the reason we look kindly at the dove today.  
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it represents the dove in the story Noah's Ark" where it came and showed Noah if there was land as it brought back an olive branch The christian dove , represents peace and ho

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Because the Dove is a symbol of Christ/ God/ Holy spirit and in the story of Noah's Ark Noah released to see if the water supsided and it brought back an olive branch...

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