Why do eggs explode in the microwave?

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The microwave heats food by agitating the bond between the hydrogen and oxygen molecules in water. The more water in food, the more steam is created from this heating process. Eggs contain a lot of water, so when the steam is created, and it is trapped inside the shell, the pressure inside the egg increases and increases until it exceeds the capacity of the shell to contain it, and the egg explodes.

This same principle applies with other foods: any food that contains a good deal of moisture and has a skin that does not permit the steam to escape will likely do something similar. This is why you are supposed to prick the skin of a potato with a fork before you cook it in a microwave.
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Do microwaves explode when empty?

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Why does an egg explode when you put it in a microwave?

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Will 4 eggs explode in a microwave?

yes if you crack them first they will explode.. but if you don't they will over heat and after a long time they will...go...BOOOMM
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What makes hard boiled eggs explode in a microwave?

The pressure build inside until the skin splits and some of theinsides of the egg burst out. It is not recommended thathard-boiled (still shelled?) are put into a microwave. C