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Why do men always cheat?

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First of all, men don't always cheat, but when they do, here are some possible reasons:
  1. They are not ready to have commitments.
  2. They no longer feel satisfied/stimulated in their current relationship and are too cowardly to end the relationship.
  3. They are concerned about their financial/living situation if they end the relationship, but do not feel fulfilled in it.
  4. They like various sex partners.
  5. They crave the initial excitement and illicitness of a "secret" affair.
  6. They need to feel desired and their partner does not fulfill that need.
  7. Men are single-minded and don't think about the consequences of their actions.
  8. Some men cheat because they think they can get by with it.
  9. Some cheat because they don't take their relationships seriously.
  10. Guys cheat because many of them increasingly feel powerless in a society that is giving women more rights & powers in the domestic & public spheres.
  11. Men stray outside of long-term relationships to remember what it was like to be desirable and free. "Schedules" and routine destroy self image.
  12. The woman's sex drive isn't what it was when you first got married.
  13. Having sex with more than one woman is an ego boost for those with low self-esteem.
  14. Men cheat because they are bored in their current relationships
  15. The man perceives that the partner is bored with or no longer interested in sex.
  16. Lack of or poor communication with the spouse/girlfriend can lead a man to cheat.
  17. other people are something new and different
  18. you have no old baggage with someone new
  19. maybe they want something with ''no strings''
  20. different people have different likes and dislikes
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