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Why do objects appear the color they are?

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It's a matter of selective absorption and reflection of the varying wavelengths of light. Our eyes and brain work together to interpret the different wavelengths of light as different colors. White light is composed of all possible wavelengths of visible light, and sunlight is very nearly white. Characteristics of various surfaces cause them to reflect or absorb certain wavelengths. The ones that are reflected to our eyes are what determine the color we perceive. To cite just a single example, if a ball is red, it reflects red light and absorbs the other colors. That's why it appears red. The issue is slightly different for a source of light, and the answer speaks to all other things we see and the colors they appear to have.
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How do you see the color of an object?

In summary: color preception is dependant on the wave length of light radiation impenging on certain sensitive receptor cells in the retina, which is an extention of the organ

When an object appears to be yellow what color of the spectrum is reflected?

    Answer     Yellow light is made of primary colors red and green. Yellow objects absorb the blue light and reflect the red and green, so we see yellow. 

What color appears when white light strikes an object that reflects all colors?

It will be white, because really, objects both reflect and absorb colors. For example, a red object absorbs every color aside from red, which reflects back. White absorbs no c
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How does light interact with colored object?

Light is pulled to objects with dark colors but if the color is a very ligth  the ligth bounces off it try tuching a black surface in the hot summer it will be hotter than a