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Why do plants grow taller in the dark?

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plants grow taller in the dark because plant will grow until they find light, but will eventually die.
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Can plants grow faster in the dark?

yes it can grow faster in the dark because i am planting my flowers in a dark place but you have to keep watering it so it can grow. maybe not all plants grow faster in the da

Do plants grow better in the light or dark?

Plants grow taller in the dark. however they are a lot more healthy growing in the light.   This because in the absence of light, cells in plant stems grow rapidly and leaf

Why does plants grow faster in the dark?

Because they need light to survive and they are fighting anything that is blocking the sunlight

How do plants in a dark place grow?

Plants in the dark receive no light and the plants need the light. They grow because the production of growth hormones is stimulated by the dark/suppressed by sunlight. This i

How can you grow taller?

A human's height is determined by a number of factors. Genetics is  first and most important. If your parents are short, you are  unlikely to ever bump your head walking thr

Will magnets make plants grow taller?

Answer One: Magnets affect the height of a plant. On radishes, it makes them shorter. On most plants, it causes it to grow faster and taller. Answer Two: Magnets exert magneti

Do plants grow taller in green light or white light?

All the colours of the rainbow have different wavelengths. For example, violet has short wavelengths, while red has long wavelengths. Visible light appears as white light beca

Do plants grow taller in soil or wet paper towels?

well plants grow taller in soil because it has nutriuns and It is a mixture of mineral and organic constituents that are in solid, gaseous and aqueous states so that helps the
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Why does a plant grow taller without sunlight?

In total darkness, no plant (aside from fungi) will grow at all. But with the tiniest amount of light, the plant will grow toward that light source. If the light source is dim
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Why do you grow taller?

You grow because cells in your body are being reproduced faster tthan they are dying. COMMON SENSE!!

What makes a plant grow taller?

  All plants have a "Mature" height. This is the maximum height a plant will reach under ideal growing conditions. A plant will grow tall if it is looking for light, unfor