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Why do plants grow taller in the dark?

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plants grow taller in the dark because plant will grow until they find light, but will eventually die.
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Can a plant grow in the darkness?

Yes. Mushrooms a some other fungi can grow in almost total darkness. Some are completely white. +++++++Answer+++++++ Technically, mushrooms are not plants. They are fungi,

How do plants in a dark place grow?

Plants in the dark receive no light and the plants need the light. They grow because the production of growth hormones is stimulated by the dark/suppressed by sunlight. This i

Do plants grow taller in the sunlight or dark?

Plants actually grow taller in the dark, because plants grow towards the closest light source. If there is no light source, they continue to grow and try to find light, but be

Why can't plants grow in the dark?

Actually plants do grow in the dark! However, they still need sunlight to capture energy in order to grow. Plants that grow in the dark are known as CAM plants. CAM plants are

Why cant plants grow in the dark?

Well how long can you last with out food? Hah? You got an answer?   Plants use photosynthesis to make sunlight in to food. So the sun is techincally a restaurant to them

Will magnets make plants grow taller?

Answer One: Magnets affect the height of a plant. On radishes, it makes them shorter. On most plants, it causes it to grow faster and taller. Answer Two: Magnets exert magneti

Why does a plant grow taller without sunlight?

In total darkness, no plant (aside from fungi) will grow at all. But with the tiniest amount of light, the plant will grow toward that light source. If the light source is dim

Why do plants grow taller at night then day?

  During the daytime, plants produce energy in the form of ATP and NADPH (light reactions)...during the night, these energy forms go to the dark reactions (Calvin Cycle) t

What makes a plant grow taller?

  All plants have a "Mature" height. This is the maximum height a plant will reach under ideal growing conditions. A plant will grow tall if it is looking for light, unfor