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Why do plants grow taller in the dark?

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plants grow taller in the dark because plant will grow until they find light, but will eventually die.
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What makes a plant grow taller?

  All plants have a "Mature" height. This is the maximum height a plant will reach under ideal growing conditions. A plant will grow tall if it is looking for light, unfor

Do plants grow taller in the sunlight or dark?

Plants actually grow taller in the dark, because plants grow towards the closest light source. If there is no light source, they continue to grow and try to find light, but be

Do plants grow taller by sunlight or lamp?

  That would depend on three things:   # The amount of the Sun's radiation the plant is exposed to given your latitude, weather conditions and time of year - as well
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Why does a plant grow taller without sunlight?

In total darkness, no plant (aside from fungi) will grow at all. But with the tiniest amount of light, the plant will grow toward that light source. If the light source is dim
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Do crystals grow taller in the dark or the light?

Depends upon what type of mineral is crystallizing. For some types of minerals (aragonite in particular), their growth is mediated by photosynthetic algae. Obviously, they wou