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Why do the surgeons on 'Scrubs' wear green scrubs and the doctors blue?

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its just so tha you can tell them apart
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What is scrubs?

Scrubs means somthing a LPN are a RN wear when they are working at a nursing home are hospitals. Scrubs is the uniform doctors and nurses wear. Scrubs is a TV show about a

Why are surgical scrubs blue?

  They're a green-ish color. I can understand why you're confused but the only time in the series that a surgeon wore a pair of blue scrubs is when Turk was to repeat some

Why do doctors wear scrubs?

Someone told me, once, that it was because they don't want to get germs, filth, etcetera, on their street clothes. That answer doesn't seem right. I would imagine its becaus

How long do surgeons scrub for surgery?

Surgeons and other staff members entering the surgical suite for surgery must all scrub into the unit. The time varies is determined partially by the facility, so it varies by

Why wear scrubs?

like a uniform- to set you apart from the ill people

You are a scrub?

Scrub means something very very mean its not nice at all and shouldn't be said and who ever put this question NO im NT u r for puttin tht question up here being dumb

What do doctors scrubs do?

1) They are comfortable, especially when worn under a surgical gown. 2) They are the style for hospital (and many other health care) employees. In many places they have beco

Is the scrubs doctors real?

first of all it should be 'are' not 'is'. and yes, scrubs is a documentary filmed in sacred heart (pensylvania). The thoughts of J.D. are heard thanks to a microphone planted
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Who is 'Doctor Scrubs' also known as?

Doctor Scrubs was played by Zach Braff. Braff starred in the film 'The Ex' (as Tom Reilly) and 'The High Cost of Living' (as Henry Welles) , as well as in the romantic drama '

Why do gynecologists wear green scrubs a green surgical hat white latex gloves an blue plastic booties to cover up their slippers?

Because the hospital they work for bought five tractor-trailer loads of green scrubs in 1967 and won't run out until 2039. There's no law requiring doctors to wear green scrub