Why do women cheat?

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Women cheat for the same reason that men cheat. It is simply because they are selfishness in love,dishonest and unsatisfied . They can't control these feelings, love is just a natural occurring emotion.

May as well ask why people cheat. All kinds of reasons, not just one or two; for example, lust, curiosity, weakness, and revenge come to mind. And some people would never cheat, no matter what, not even if cheated on. We could ask the reason for that, too. The answer simply is because they are dishonest.
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Why do women cheat on men?

There are a variation of reasons why women cheat on men (and vice-versa.) Immaturity, the spark has gone out of their relationship, they are getting older and want to prove th

Why do women cheat so much?

Men cheat just as much as women; it's nearly impossible to find out how many of each gender has been unfaithful, but we do know why people of both genders cheat on their partn

Women think of cheating women?

Women who cheat on their man have some serious issues. Most women cheat because they are bored or unhappy in their relationship. If you are not happy in your realtionship you

Do women cheat?

No, not all women cheat, but some do. It appears in our modern society that women are almost neck in neck with men cheating.

Why do women cheat and stay with husband?

The man might fill some need that the woman has, but not all of her needs. Its usually this point where she has to find alternative means to satisfy those needs elsewhere. The

Why do Women cheat on good men?

It has nothing to do with the guy being 'good.' Cheating is not about the person being cheated on, it is about the woman herself. She wants something that SHE thinks is lackin

Why do women cheats?

Some women find a certain thrill in the basic act of doing something 'bad' However there are more commonly scenario's when women are in a situation which leads to sex with

Do married women cheat with other women?

Some married women probably have cheated on their husbands with other women, but not all women. The reason why they might do this is because maybe they are secretively lesbian

How women cheat?

They tell their husband they're going out with some girlfriends, thenthey sneak away with the guy. If you mean, What does cheat mean? It means you are going out with two peopl

Will women who have cheated cheat again?

Many say that once a person (male/female) cheats they will cheat again. This is certainly not always true. People are just human and can make a mistake. The couple should sit

Men cheat because they are selfish why do women cheat?

Some women cheat because they are not treated well by their husbands or there is a lack of love, sexual contact or even the lack of communication and the relationship is dying
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Why do gay women cheat?

Well first of all I don't think it has anything to do with thembeing gay if their cheating it's because their either unhappy inthe relationship and are incapable of being fait
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Why do women cheat on their men?

There are many reasons and they might be emotional, finalcial or just by the fact that she is highly attracted to some men.
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Can women cheat?

Yes. Women can cheat just like men can.