Why do women cheat?

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Women cheat for the same reason that men cheat. It is simply because they are selfishness in love,dishonest and unsatisfied . They can't control these feelings, love is just a natural occurring emotion.

May as well ask why people cheat. All kinds of reasons, not just one or two; for example, lust, curiosity, weakness, and revenge come to mind. And some people would never cheat, no matter what, not even if cheated on. We could ask the reason for that, too. The answer simply is because they are dishonest.
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Does alcohol make women cheat?

Alcohol mainly just lowers your inhibitions. If you have a subconscious urge to do something immoral, then being drunk might impair your judgment enough where you'd do it.If you are a basically honest and faithful person it's not likely that drinking would change your attitude that much. Answer A (MORE)

Do women cheat as much as men do?

Rates of Cheating for Women \n. \nNo statistics have been cited here yet. Here are some notes and options:\n. \n . Cheating has nothing to do with what sex you are, it's your personality.\n . \n . Heck yeah it's not a mystery women cheat men have been doing it for years so it's not a surpris (MORE)

Why do men accuse women of cheating?

Some think they are or may . Some use it as a control thing to keep a woman off balance. Some are cheating themselves, and accuse the woman to deflect her attention. Some are insecure. Some are just plain paranoid. None of this is pleasant. If you are the woman being accused, tell him to give you so (MORE)

Women think of cheating women?

Women who cheat on their man have some serious issues. Most women cheat because they are bored or unhappy in their relationship. If you are not happy in your realtionship you need to move on. Or you can sit down and talk to partner about why you are not happy. Cheating is never the answer.

Why do men cheat with ugly women?

Simply because they can. Men have no emotional attachment to their Dicks, they are creatures of habit and loyal to their mates. Make your man your best mate, become his best friend, connect 1000% on that level, be as slutty as you like in the bedroom, save the better part of your emotions for then, (MORE)

How men react when women cheat?

Just like anyone else would - they get very upset and in most cases leave the relationship. It can range from them saying absolutely nothing and just leaving to very violent confrontations involving the "other person" as well.

Do many married women cheat?

Yes. I was with my husband for 20 years, married 13 years with 2 children - 8 and 11. I had an affair. He was also married. Very strong emotional affair, which turned to a physical affair over time. I ended up deciding to end my marriage. The affair was not the cause of the problems in my marriage, (MORE)

Do women cheat?

No, not all women cheat, but some do. It appears in our modern society that women are almost neck in neck with men cheating.

What signs do women show when cheating?

its kind of easy to spot a cheater out of a man but never that easy to find a women cheating.1:we have a way of suddden loss of intrest in sexual intercourse and things like... little thing that always tend to make her made is no longer making her made.Or when we like for you to show affection and c (MORE)

Do all women cheat?

I don't think all women cheat. If they do, it is because they are not being appreciated, notice, and love by their mate, boyfriend, or husband. For ages women always the one that needs to be more understanding, loving, mother figure to their man, in short "Jack of all trade" If you research history, (MORE)

How often do women cheat?

It is impossible to answer such a question as anyone in general that "cheats" do not generally admit to it which in turn would not allow correct statistical information or even a close guess.

Why do women stay with a cheating man?

It depends to the individual. She's probably still love the husband. She's probably wanted to give him another chance. no one knows except her. Or maybe she can't leave her husband for financial reason.

Why do women cheat and stay with husband?

The man might fill some need that the woman has, but not all of her needs. Its usually this point where she has to find alternative means to satisfy those needs elsewhere. The husband may have money, or be dependable, and emotionally there for her, but suck where it matters most: in the bedroom. A (MORE)

Why do Women cheat on good men?

It has nothing to do with the guy being 'good.' Cheating is not about the person being cheated on, it is about the woman herself. She wants something that SHE thinks is lacking in the relationship. She may want more attention, more passion, more sex... Either way its not about the guy.Lots of good w (MORE)

Why do women cheats?

Some women find a certain thrill in the basic act of doing something 'bad' However there are more commonly scenario's when women are in a situation which leads to sex with someone other than their partner (Sometimes due to being intoxicated and such) There are also case's where women are simpl (MORE)

Why are women attracted to cheating men?

Women in general are not attracted to cheating men; however, many different people of both genders may be attracted to cheaters because of a feeling of wanting to change them and/or feeling special that someone who's normally not faithful would choose them(they may be unaware that the person is sti (MORE)

Who cheats the most men or women?

Women in a research 40 % of female and 30% of male cheats while the remaining 30% did not cheat. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/lifestyle/6123739/Women-more-likely-to-have-an-affair-than-men.html

Why do women deal with cheating men?

Most are scared, they feel belittled and some just don't have any place else to turn, lack for money or family reasons...Some men make a woman feel that she is to blame for the problem... Example- Not enough sex, you made me feel unwanted..some woman are just no strong enough, fear hold then back

Will women who has cheated in the past do it again?

there are a lot of other factors that go into someone's decision to betray your trust. those factors should really be explored and discussed with your partner.. But, it is often said that the best predictor for future events/behaviors, is past events/behaviors.

Do married women cheat with other women?

Some married women probably have cheated on their husbands with other women, but not all women. The reason why they might do this is because maybe they are secretively lesbian and got married to cover up for it, or while being married to a man they have realized that they are lesbian. There could be (MORE)

How women cheat?

They tell their husband they're going out with some girlfriends, thenthey sneak away with the guy. If you mean, What does cheat mean? It means you are going out with two people at the same time, or having men/women relationships with more than one person.

Will women who have cheated cheat again?

Many say that once a person (male/female) cheats they will cheat again. This is certainly not always true. People are just human and can make a mistake. The couple should sit down and talk things out. If their relationship was going along fairly well and one or the other has cheated for the first ti (MORE)

What are the signs that a women is cheating?

A cheating women is a woman looking for something she isn't getting at home. In filling the void, it may be possible to redeem the relationship. However, if she has been feeling this way for some time, expect resistance. It may take some time for her to come around.. A selfless approach is always b (MORE)

How can you tell if a women is cheating?

ANSWER: Women is plural but let just talk about this woman you wanted to know if she is cheating. I do not know how long you know her or even if you have a relationship with her, but for a woman to cheat, she will have a good reason why. If you are the partner, then ask yourself if you are good to (MORE)

Why do women stay with men who cheat?

Some do so because they truly adore their husbands, believe they are sincere in stopping, and want to forgive them to make things work. Others do so because they are afraid of finding someone else that's willing to be with them, or they believe men naturally cheat and women should just put up with i (MORE)

Why do men cheat on their women?

It depends on individual, we have different types of men single or married that will do such things. For a married man that look for affairs, their reason will be, wife do not make them feel special anymore. Always busy with the children, or not giving his needs anymore. There's also a married men w (MORE)

Who cheated first men or womens?

yes ANSWER: So far, with everything I've learned and from my past experience, men is the one that cheat first. Reason, self esteem, once in a while dignity, some never wanted to feel older. For some men their reason is to think about their needs before others. For women, we get push for luck of (MORE)

Why do gay women cheat?

Well first of all I don't think it has anything to do with thembeing gay if their cheating it's because their either unhappy inthe relationship and are incapable of being faithful or maybe theirbored? Maybe at this point it may be time to move on or if you feelit was just a one time occurance then s (MORE)

Why do men cheat with the same women?

A: If your asking about married men, quite simple really they probably fell in love with the woman that they had an affair with. And if he can go back, he will pick the same woman because of the emotional connection he had with that woman.

Do women stop cheating?

Some women do not cheat at all and are loyal! But unfortunately some do but that is there loss and you should dump them if they do because no one deserves to be cheated on.

Who cheats more men or women?

Both sexes cheat on their partner equally. But in my opinion I think males cheat more than females. Most men are more comfortable lying than women are.

How do you tell if a married women will cheat?

shes always leaving make shore you check her phone in the night if she does find the guy and beat the hell out of him and bury him in a ditch she will be flattered just don't tell what happened with the body i never told you this ANSWER; If you the husband will treat her fair and good as your par (MORE)

Do women feel guilty for cheating?

Yes, women are human beings and have feelings of regret and remorse for their actions against someone just as men can have them. Some may feel justified or pretend to feel that way, but there are many who wish they had made better decisions concerning their life with their spouse.

Why do guy cheat on women?

At the end of the day, they get bored of the woman they are with and don't appreciate what they have. rili true, there is always some one special out there and we all should appreciate the fact that we are all special. those types of guys who do that are just dogs and have no life at all..

Can girls or women who cheat be holy?

Being holy or living a righteous life means following the exampleof our Lord Jesus Christ; in other words, following and obeying thecommandments of the LORD Almighty God. It is a sin to cheat or beunfaithful to one self's lover, and committing a sin intentionallyproves that the person is not complet (MORE)

What causes women to cheat?

Women cheat when they are bored with their relationship or just have an interest in someone else, but they still want their current partner.

Does women on meth cheat?

Take that on a case by case basis. Drug use (the hyper-sexualitythat comes with it) & cheating do not necessarily go hand inhand. Simply being high cannot lead to a faithful person cheating.Unless she has a history of being unfaithful, there is no reason tobe suspicious of being cheated on.