Why does Cookie Monster love cookies?

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Because cookies are good.
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What do you do if cookie monster is asking you for a cookie?

Pretend to throw the cookie far away so he'll run after it then you run away so he won't get you! Answer: If you ever actually meet the legit cookie monster, then I thin

Who is cookie monster?

Answer . Cookie monster is a kids monster from the psb kids television show Seseme Street

Does the cookie monster eat cookies?

Yes, He's very addicted to cookies and has his own cookie song. The Cookie Monster only eats cookies. He loves all kinds ofcookies.

Why does the cookie monster love cookies?

Who doesn't love cookies? Everyone loves cookies. Except for, of course, cookie-intolerant people don't like cookies and nor do the cookieless sphingus tribe who live in the B
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Who stoll the cookie monsters cookie?

It is unknown who stole the cookie monsters cookie. It was probably someone who could be sneaky enough to get in. Most likely it was someone like a cookie thief.