Why does Pasturised Milk go sour quickley if it is not kept in the refrigerator?

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The pasteurization process eliminates the bacteria present in milk but does not remove the enzymes responsible for milk breakdown. These enzymes require energy to work which is why milk goes sour faster at higher temperatures.
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What causes milk to go sour?

The souring and curdling of milk is caused by bacteria.These bacteria utilize all the nutrients, i.e., glucose and other vitamins, and produce acids as a waste product. That's

How do you prevent milk from going sour?

Freeze it. Or keep the refrigerator turned on really cold to make it last longer; you can always freeze part of it or buy a smaller sized carton if it goes sour too fast for y

Why does milk sour in the absence of refrigeration?

The bacteria which lay dormant in a chilled environment (4 - 1 degree c) reproduce at a high rate when the milks ambient temperature increases. This bacteria makes the milk so

Why milk sours in the absence of refrigerator?

Simply, fermentation happens. Milk contains bacteria. When the milk is not refrigerated, the bacteria are very happy and their populations grow. The metabolism of the bacte

Why milk turns sour faster when kept in sun than in refrigerators?

curd contains lactobacillus bacteria and milk contains lactose. hence, when even a little bit of curd is added to the milk, the lactobacillus bacteria multiplies, and converts
In Refrigerators

Why does milk have to be kept in the refrigerator?

If you don't mind having your milk grow bacteria, turn sour, thenbecome a runny and sour version of cottage cheese; leave it out ofthe refrigerator all the time. Depending on