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Why does WikiAnswers make you answer your own question?

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It doesn't. The page that you see when you ask a new question is the page that everyone will see. The statement "Answer this question..." is pointing out where the answer should be entered. Once you get to that page, you can close the tab, backup to a previous page or click on any of the other page links for the site. You are not required to answer your own question, but some people like to do that and you have that opportunity.

Many visitors think that WikiAnswers is asking them if they want to answer the question or if they want the question answered. We see a lot of "Yes" and "No" answers that don't fit the question. Those answers have to be removed, otherwise the system classifies the question as being answered and the non-answer might never be changed.

Others think that "Answer this question..." is requesting a repeat of the question. It isn't. This seems to happen mostly with non-registered users. Just like in the above paragraph, a repeat of the question is a non-answer which will need to be removed. The system classifies the question as being answered and the non-answer might never be changed.
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