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Why does anaerobic respiration take so much longer than aerobic respiration?

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It takes longer because the oxygen needs to travel to the mitochondria.
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How are aerobic respiration and anaerobic different?

aerobic respiration uses oxygen and anaerobic doesn't; also aerobic  produces more ATP or cellular energy   ***Apex: Oxygen is necessary for aerobic respiration but not f

Do humans do aerobic or anaerobic respiration?

They do both. In running for example, humans do aerobic respiration when they are not in oxygen dept, and anaerobic when they are in oxygen dept and lactic acid replaces the o

How is aerobic respiration different from anaerobic respiration?

Aerobic Respiration uses oxygen to release the energy from food. It creates a lot of Atp energy. Anaerobic Respiration does not require oxygen to release the energy from foo

What anaerobic respiration and aerobic respiration means?

Aerobic respiration This type of respiration is the most common and produces more energy than anaerobic respiration. Aerobic respiration uses oxygen and glucose. It is a che

What is the difference of aerobic and anaerobic respiration?

  Aerobic respiration requires oxygen, whereas anaerobic respiration occurs in the absence of oxygen. Aerobic respiration is completed in three steps viz, Glycolysis, Kr

Why is aerobic respiration more efficient than anaerobic respiration?

  To answer this question it is helpful to have an understanding of both these types of respiration. Aerobic respiration can only occur when oxygen is present, and occur

What is aerobic and anaerobic respiration?

Answer   Aerobic means respiration that occurs with oxygen and anaerobic means without oxygen. They are both used by different muscles in our bodies. Aerobic is used by F
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What is the process of anaerobic and aerobic respiration?

Anaerobic respiration takes place in the absence of oxygen. This  form of respiration is carried out in bacteria, yeasts, some  prokaryotes, and muscle cells. Aerobic respir