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Why does craftsman riding lawn mower die after running for 20 minutes?

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Maybe an electrical problem. The battery might be running down after 20 minutes. Check the charging system.
My fix was easy it was the fuel filter heating up to close to oil filter/heat. this stated happening right after tuneup. I switched the long hose from fuel tank to filter. I put it on the carb side and short hose on the tank buy new filter that one is damaged most likely. look for hard plastic filter but moving it should do the trick either way
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How do you change a craftsman riding lawn mower tire?

Answer   TO REMOVE WHEEL FOR REPAIRS   • Block up axle securely.   • Remove axle cover, retaining ring and washers to allow wheel removal (rear wheel contains a

How do i remove and reattach the mower deck on my craftsman riding lawn mower?

park mower on level ground or concrete.   lower deck all the way down to ground.   lay on your side on the right side of mower.   several locking pins need to be p

Where can you find a key to start your craftsman riding lawn mower?

u can call 1-800-366-7278. that is the number for sears parts direct. you will need the model number to find the correct one for your model. you will find the model number on

How do you change the oil in a Craftsman riding lawn mower?

  It depends on which engine you have in it.   Most engines have a drain plug for the oil on the lowest part of the engine near the rear on the right side as you are si

How do you get the tires off your craftsman riding lawn mower?

  Use a pair of pliers top remove the rubber hubcap. Then remove the clip near the end of the axle. (you can do this with a screwdriver by prying it in the center) once th

How can you disable the seat switch on a craftsman riding lawn mower?

The seat switch opens the circuit on Craftsman lawn tractors. A safety metal strip in the plug closes the four circuits when the connectors are unplugged. This is a metal stri