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Why does drug tolerance occur?

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After so long a persons body will just adjust to the chemical. It is like drinking coffee. The first time we drink a cup we feel wired and after a few years 1 cup is just not enough
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What is tolerance for drugs?

Tolerance describes the phenomena that occurs when the body "gets used" to a medication being present in the body and therefore the body registers that chemical to be normal t

What is drug and alcohol tolerance?

Alcohol consumption interferes with many bodily functions and affects behavior. However, after chronic alcohol consumption, the drinker often develops tolerance to at least so

Drug tolerance results from enlarging this?

The answer is increase in Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER). This is because as the cell responds to different drugs it receives, the amount of smooth ER and its detoxyfiying

What does a higher tolerance and dependence of a drug do?

Increased dependency and tolerance basically means you'll need more of the given drug to the the same amount of high, and if you ingest the same amount you have been you won't

What does drug tolerance mean?

It means someone requires a higher doseage of a drug to acheive the same effects.

Can a drug tolerance cause a drug overdose?

  Drug tolerance can increase the likelihood of drug overdose for several reasons:   1) A person addicted to a drug to which they've built tolerance may overestimate th

Why does alcohol abuse increase tolerance to other drugs such as barbiturates?

This should answer your question: Enzymes of the smooth ER help detoxify drugs and poisons, especially in liver cells. Detoxification usually involves adding hydroxyl groups
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Does tolerance occur with LSD?

Yes, tolerance does occur with LSD. After repeated usage within a short span of time, increased amounts of LSD will be needed to achieve the same effects that lower doses prev