Why does my Corsa roll back with engine running in drive on hills at traffic lights?

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Because if it is front she'll drive the gravity pull brings the car backwards also if the car doesn't have a lot of horse power the wheels will tend to roll back but in most all wheel drive cars that doesn't happen
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Why is the engine light coming on in your vauxhall corsa?

If you are referring to the Check Engine Light, then the computer has detected a problem with the emissions system. The emissions system will detect problems between the two

Why is emissions light back on your corsa?

I know this sounds surprising, had an issue with the Opel Corsa C equivalent, a 2002 Holden Barina SRi. The emission light came on after a stall and stayed on. It was just aft

How do you fit an engine in the back of a vauxhall corsa car?

You'll need to custom build a chassis and then adapt a Corsa body to fit on top - the drivechain, gearbox and so on will all need to be replaced too. It could be done, but it'