Why does the Alaska not melt in a baked Alaska?

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In Alaska
There is no baked Alaska. However if the world gets too hot everything will melt.
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What is the capital of Alaska?

Juneau is the capital city inAlaska. The city's estimated population was 32,406 in 2014. Juneauis the second most populous city in Alaska after Anchorage.

Where is Alaska?

Next to eastern Russia, it is property of the United States. Or: On the very west end of Canada, but belongs to the United States of America. Alaska is the largest state of the United States of America by area; it is situated in the northwest extremity of the North American continent, w (MORE)

What is the climate in Alaska?

Much of it is different variations of a sub Arctic climate. On the North Slope you can find an Arctic climate, while coastal and Southeastern Alaska has a mid-latitude oceanic climate. It can get quite hot in the interior in the summer (into the 80's and even 90's) and extremely cold in winter in (MORE)

What alcohol is used in Baked Alaska?

No Alcohol, read on.. BAKED ALASKA. 4 egg whites 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar 1/4 teaspoon vanilla 1/4 cup confectioners sugar 6 individual shortcake shells (from the bakery) 1 pint ice cream, well frozen. 24 hours before preparation place ice cream in the coldest se (MORE)

What are facts about Alaska?

Some interesting facts are that Alaska is not always cold the sun shines there and it is warm exept for in the winter.the aroa boralis is named for the aroa trail.

What is Alaska about?

Alaska became the 49th state January 3, 1959. Its capitol is Juneau (yes that is how you spell it... pronounced JUNO). Its motto is "North to the Future."

What is in Alaska?

Alaska is home to many unique opportunities. It is a lifestyle that takes getting used to. There are a variety of reasons why people reside in Alaksa. There is a military base located in Alaska, which contributes to a large amount of the traffic in the area.

What can you do in Alaska?

Nearly anything you wish. There is a wide variety of geographical features and climate as well as a huge area in which to do it.

How do you light baked Alaska?

Where I used to work we used a small blowtorch. Best way is to bake it in a hot oven or, if you are in a hurry, place it under a salamander for a few seconds.

How do you get to Alaska?

In a plane its right by the Yukon Yes, you can get there by flying. Major airports are at Anchorage and Fairbanks. You can also get there by taking a cruise ship, or a ferry boat up the Inside Passage. The state ferry system is very popular for people needing to get to the southeastern Alaskan ma (MORE)

What is the origin of 'baked Alaska'?

Baked Alaska (also known as glace au four , omelette à la norvégienne , Norwegian omelette and omelette surprise ) is a dessert made of ice cream placed ina pie dish lined with slices of sponge cake or Christmas puddingand topped with meringue.

Where is Yellowknife Alaska?

It isn't. Yellowknife is a city and the capital of Northwest Territories, Canada. Alaska is in the United States.

How can you live in Alaska?

It's easy. Get a plain ticket, some money and go on the internet. I live in a village of a 1,000 people in Wrangell, Alaska and I am happy as a clam.

What is offered in Alaska?

Foodwise... there is fish and Alaskans eat chips and popcorn like Americans. we are no strangers we are part of the us too.

What happens to baked Alaska when cooked?

Once it is assembled and put in the oven, it only stays in long enough to lightly brown the meringue. This should only just begin to melt the ice cream. Another method is to use a french meringue which cooks the egg whites before you put them on and you brown the tips of the meringue with a propane (MORE)

What does Alaska mean?

The name Alaska is taken from the Yupik word "Alyeska," meaning "great land" or "that which the sea breaks against".

What do people in Alaska do?

A rare few continue to seek gold. Many work in the oil industry. Many work in the fishing industry. The state has 15,000 employees.

Is baked Alaska a cake?

It has a cake base, but it would be a dessert not a cake. Dessert is a catch all for things that are not something specific like cake or pie.

Why did they name Alaska Alaska?

The name of Alaska was already introduced during the time of Russian rule (Аляска). It is derived from the Aluet alaxsxaq. Which means "the mainland" or more literally, "the object towards which the action of the sea is directed". Alaska is also known as Alyeska or "the grea (MORE)

What can you do at Alaska?

you can sled , you can see lots of mooses , you can see the water and the rocks , you can see the sun pop up through the clouds every morning , you can hike or even get some good pictures of mountains.

Why does your ice cream in baked Alaska melt?

It shouldn't melt, the sponge around it should insulate it when in the oven to save it from melting. The oven may be too hot, or you may have it in too long if the ice cream is melting.

Who did you get Alaska from?

The United States of America agreed to buy Alaska from Emperor Alexander II of Russia on March 20, 1867, for about $7.2 million dollars. A little known fact is that the Russians also agreed to forgive a debt of around $5 million dollars that the US owed them from the revolutionary and civil wars. Th (MORE)

Are you an Alaska native if you were born in Alaska?

Being born in Alaska does not make you an Alaska Native. That termis used only for people who are indigineous to Alaska such asEskimos (Inuits), Alieuts, Athabaskans, Tlinkets, and Haidas, justto name a few. Native Alaskan refers to those born in Alaska.

Where is barrow Alaska located in Alaska?

Barrow is located on the "North Slope" of Alaska. It's in the northern most part of the state on barren tundra land. It is also located by many large oil fields and that is probably what it is most well-known for. It is near the Arctic Ocean as well. And it is also the traditional land of many Alask (MORE)

What is the baked Alaska mainly made of?

Traditionally, baked Alaska is ice cream surrounded by a layer of cake and then covered with a meringue. The meringue is toasted which is where the term "baked" comes from.

What cuisine is baked Alaska?

Baked Alaska is a dessert generally considered to be American inorigin, though of course prior to the discovery of Alaska it wascalled something else. There seems to be some dispute as to theoriginator, since other cuisines were already using the individualcomponents of baked Alaska (for example, me (MORE)