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Why does your '91 S-10 run rough after it gets hot?

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no try running a thicker oil so that it doesnt loose viscosity so quick. 1991's are motor driven oil puimps so if the oil is to think to pump it will run rough
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How do you replace the water pump on a 91 ford probe Car overheats but has new radiator and hoses and new thermostat gets hot and runs out of water but i can find no leaks any suggestions?

  Answer                                           Engine overheats     When

Your phone is getting hot and your battery is running down fast What is wrong?

Sounds like an electrical short or a battery failiure, which can mean a new battery ,a new phone, or that somthing is shorting the length of the circuit .   remove the bat

Why does temp gauge on 2000 ford Excursion suddenly jump past hot causing engine to run rough and lose power when engine is not really hot?

If you are 100% certain the engine is not hot, but it shows hot and powers down, it may be as simple as a bad temperature sending unit. A lot of vehicles are equipped with a "

Car running rough with backfire?

Backfiring in a nutshell:     A backfire is when the ignition of fuel doesn't take place in the ignition/combustion chamber, it(a backfire) can take place in the intake

Why would a '96 Impala SS show code P0300 random misfire and run rough when it is hot?

%DETAILS% I had the same problem in my 99 firebird....check the engine module or it could be the coils mine was both along with a faulty catalytic converter..if you smell a ro

Ford Explorer runs rough?

A Ford Explorer that runs rough may be experiencing a clogged fuel  filter, dirty air filter, or worn spark plugs. A proper tune-up can  solve most problems associated with

91 geo storm is running rough gave it a tune up and still rough Any ideas?

  ECM on these have a habit of going out. They were dipped in plastic to protect them but over time due to hot/cold expansion cycles the plastic pulls the component off th

4HP Briggs Stratton engine gets hot won't run why?

If not electrical issue what about a vapor lock created by carb problem? Swear it was cheaper to pitch. Since it had a non-adjustable carb at possibly $40.00 bucks to experime

91 ford aerostar 3.00 engine AT emission problems run rough?

  If you have a code reader, you can retrieve the codes. It's possible that the MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) sensor could be faulty, thereby sending no signal/wrong si

Why 91 350 Chevy gets a knock when oil gets hot?

when you oil gets hot it tends to thin out. Say your using 5w-30 and when the engine gets warm it knocks it means either the oil is to thin or oil is not getting to that compo

Why does your 1988 Jeep Comanche stall and not start when it runs for a while and gets hot?

well, there's a doohicky called a TCC solenoid. Basically, when the engine exceeds a certain temperature and the vehicle attains a certain speed, this solenoid engages and loc