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Why does your '91 S-10 run rough after it gets hot?

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no try running a thicker oil so that it doesnt loose viscosity so quick. 1991's are motor driven oil puimps so if the oil is to think to pump it will run rough
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91 geo storm is running rough gave it a tune up and still rough Any ideas?

  ECM on these have a habit of going out. They were dipped in plastic to protect them but over time due to hot/cold expansion cycles the plastic pulls the component off th (MORE)

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4HP Briggs Stratton engine gets hot won't run why?

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91 ford aerostar 3.00 engine AT emission problems run rough?

  If you have a code reader, you can retrieve the codes. It's possible that the MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) sensor could be faulty, thereby sending no signal/wrong si (MORE)

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Why 91 350 Chevy gets a knock when oil gets hot?

when you oil gets hot it tends to thin out. Say your using 5w-30 and when the engine gets warm it knocks it means either the oil is to thin or oil is not getting to that compo (MORE)