Why does your '91 S-10 run rough after it gets hot?

Answer no try running a thicker oil so that it doesnt loose viscosity so quick. 1991's are motor driven oil puimps so if the oil is to think to pump it will run rough
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What causes a 94 Chevy S-10 4 cylinder to backfire and run rough and get poor gas mileage?

  This vehicle needs a tune up, new spark plugs, maybe new spark plug wires. It may be out of timing.   I would also add the plug wires may be installed incorrectly.
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Why does a car run at a normal temperature while running but gets hot while idling?

Cooling fan may not be working as it should. If it is not coming on either the fan is defective, fuse is blown, or the thermal sensor is bad. If it is running and the engine i (MORE)

Troubleshooting Rough Idle on Older Cars

Sometimes it's hard to find a logical place to start troubleshooting rough idle on older cars. Discover a list of common symptoms and problems associated with them. Bring orde (MORE)
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91 ford aerostar 3.00 engine AT emission problems run rough?

  If you have a code reader, you can retrieve the codes. It's possible that the MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) sensor could be faulty, thereby sending no signal/wrong si (MORE)

Why 91 350 Chevy gets a knock when oil gets hot?

when you oil gets hot it tends to thin out. Say your using 5w-30 and when the engine gets warm it knocks it means either the oil is to thin or oil is not getting to that compo (MORE)