Why don't you have someone edit your text for grammatical errors and typos on this site?

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We do! We have tens of thousands of users and they all have the ability to correct spelling and typos in addition to providing answers. You can correct them as well and we encourage you to do so!
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How do you edit someone else's question to correct a spelling error?

To edit a question at all, you must first of all be signed in toWikiAnswers. All registered users can edit unanswered questions at any time.(However, you must have a minimum

What are grammatical errors?

There are so many! By no means do I know them all, but here are the ones I commonly run across: 1) Using 'good' instead of 'well' and vice versa. 2) Neglecting to 'ly' to

How do you let someone else edit parts of your site?

If you want someone else to edit parts of your website, first they have to take your permission to post their ad or updates on your website. Later they have to access your dat

Why are there so many typos on the site?

Many people on Wiki Answers are too lazy to type correctly. Others are simply (think that people are) young and immature (but that is not true and has nothing to do with the q

Is there a site where someone will edit your photos for free?

um, yeah. if you have a mac/macbook/macbook pro/macbook air... just use iphoto and go to edit photos, or if you are with btinternet/yahoo! for emails, just go to photos and ed
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What is the worst grammatical error?

One popular favorite lately is using "I" where "me" is correct, for example saying Between you and I, instead of the correct Between you and me. This betrays a failure to unde
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What does TYPO mean in text messaging?

A typo basically means a typing error. For example: 'Hey Juyd howare yu?' -- What I wanted to say was: 'Hey Judy how are you?' Butas you can see I made two 'accidental' typing