Why emails are important?

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emails are so important because it gives people a choice to do online communication or face to face..... It is a great way to send emails for work.... mainly when you have to get the message out....
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Why are spelling and grammar important in an email?

People are more tolerant of language and usage in e-mail than in paper-printed communication. Even so, good grammar, spelling, and usage reflect well on you even in an e-mail.

Why is email important?

Its a easy and quick way of sending Messages or Pictures to anyone around the world.

Why are Email important?

Several situations: Family. You want to contact your brother in another country. Email doesn't cost you anything, and you can tell as much as you like. Business. If you a

Why is it important to attach file to your email?

You don't need to attach a file to an email but if you want to send a file to someone attaching it to an email is a good way to do it because you don't have to go to the perso