Why is AIDS so common in homosexuals?

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The anus/rectum is very susceptible to cuts and tears while conducting anal sex. This means there is a greater chance for infected body fluids to enter the blood stream. Sexuality has no direct influence in the prevalence of HIV/AIDS, it is the practices concerned with the sexuality.

The main factors in why HIV transmission is higher in the MSM category are the following:
  • Promiscuity - particularly, how many sexual partners one has had and the use of condoms (or lack therefor) in sexual transactions. It has been established that the average homosexual male has considerably more partners than the average heterosexual male in their lifetime, often in high risk locales such as bathhouses, sex clubs, and public places such as parks and bathrooms.
  • Gender - Male homosexuals are the group most at-risk for HIV and other STIs. This is largely due to the high prevalence of the virus in semen as opposed to vaginal fluids, and the type of sexual activity associated with this group, e.g. anal sex.
  • The use of illegal drugs, such as methamphetamine, which lower inhibitions and impair judgment - and weaken the immune system - appears to be considerably higher in the MSM community than the heterosexual and lesbian groups.
  • The existence of a minority within the gay community that willingly seeks infection with HIV and other STDs. Often referred to as "bug chasers", these men communicate on message boards and dating sites specifically oriented around voluntary infection with STIs for erotic and other reasons. Such a phenomenon does not appear to exist in the heterosexual community.
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