Why is Sudan poor?

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Unfortunately, the Sudan has a deeply entrenched poverty. Much of it is associated with the Sudan's farmers not having the means to implement modern farming methods. Farmers rely solely on rain fed crops, and are, therefore, at a great disadvantage during times of drought. In addition to the lack of modern methods, the are area is often overrun by strife and warfare that creates a displaced people who have no means of work or support, thus increasing poverty levels.

Where is Sudan?

Sudan is in Northern Africa to the South of Egypt, West of Ethiopia, East of Chad, and Northeast of Uganda and Northwest of KenyaSudan is located on the northern part of Afric

What is the Sudan?

Sudan is a country in North East Africa. It is the largest country by area on the African continent, although large parts of it are uninhabitable. It is also very cultral and

Is Sudan rich or poor?

Sudan is an extremely poor country that has had to deal with social conflict, civil war, and the July 2011 secession of South Sudan - the region of the country that had been r

How do you get poor?

by loosing work .or all property or both.. by loosing work .or all property or both.

Why is Sudan so poor?

because of political instability and lack of equalitybetween tribes and religion. the country is extremely huge ,diverse and rich in natural resources (North Sudan) but instab
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Why I am poor?

You may be poor becuae you lost your job or maybe somethinghappened in your life that affected you really badly and also youmay also be poor because you might have a good futu
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How can I not be poor?

Tips on how not to be poor is to make a budget, don't use creditcards and open a savings account to save money.