Why is alcohol flammable?

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Alcohol is the name given to a group of molecules called hydrocarbons. The alcohol present in drinks is ethanol. These hydrocarbons contain many chemical bonds and in turn a large energy potential. When the the alcohol is lit by a another source of energy (lighter) the bonds break rapidly releasing energy in the form of heat. Fossil fuels such as petroleum and coal contain hydrocarbons. As a point of interest internal combustion engines do not efficiently harvest the energy contained in fossil fuels and hence pollute the atmosphere. In a similar comparison our bodies extract energy from similar bonds such as carbohydrates (sugars) and lipids (fats).
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Why is rubbing alcohol flammable?

Rubbing alcohol is flammable because it contains isopropyl alcoholwhich is a volatile and flammable organic compound. The fumes ofthe alcohol will catch on fire if they come i

How flammable is rubbing alcohol?

Answer . \nIsopropl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) is not only quite flammable it is also a poison. There should be warning labels on your bottle. Keep it away from flames and

Is alcohol flammable?

Yes, Alcohol (both Methanol and Ethanol based) are extremely flammable. Please do not try to set it on fire as Alcohol easily soaks into things.

Are alcoholic drinks flammable?

Some are and some aren't. The "regular" 80 proof stuff, which is most liquor, usually isn't, though the vapors can present a problem under certain circumstances. Cognac and br

What kinds of alcohol are flammable?

Every type of alcohol is considered flammable. Alcohol is oftenconsidered volatile and so flammable that it may be used as fueldepending on the type.

What is the most flammable alcohol?

Methanol is the most flammable alcohol at STP (standard temperature and pressure) because it has a very high vapor pressure allowing it to spread quickly in the air. It is als