Why is coffee called cup of Joe?

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Coffee has been called many things in America. Joe, Java, mud, murk and Jamoke.
Poplar theories abound. The word Joe for coffee has two seemingly reasonable possibilities.
In 1860 a popular song of the times was "old black Joe" written by Stephen C. Foster the same man who wrote "Camp town races" and "Oh! Suzanna". Diners of the time picked up the slang 'Cup O Joe'.
Another possible answer could be that Secretary of the Navy, Joseph Daniels banned alcohol from US Navy warships in 1913 and sailors began drinking more and more coffee and calling it 'Joe'.
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Why do Americans call coffee Joe?

its just slang....there is no meaning be hind it. It seems a couple of other people do not agree. See below. I like these.. This appears to be an American phrase, possibly c

Why is coffee called joe?

The term â??joeâ?? for coffee dates back to the World War I era.Josephus Daniels, Secretary of the Navy under Woodrow Wilson, triedto improve the morality of the sailors

Why is coffee called a cup of Joe?

"Cup of joe" is an American nickname for coffee. The phrase goesback to the mid-1840s, and is of unclear origin, though it ispossibly short for "Old Black Joe," the title of a

What is a cup of coffee?

A cup of coffee is something people drink to make them have energy. I don't agree with this. REMEMBER CAFFEINE IS JUST PRETTY MUCH A CHEAP DRUG!!

Why do people call a cup of coffee a cup of Joe?

The strongest drink available on board navy ships was coffee. Itwas dubbed "a cup of Joe" after the secretary. It also refers tothe GIs' favorite drink. During World War II, t
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