Why is fridge an abbreviation for refrigerator?

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Its a contraction of Frigidaire, the name of the company that in 1916 were the first manufacturer of self contained refrigerators.
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Why the name Fridge used for Refrigerators?

I believe people started using "fridge" for refrigerators because of the popular brand "Fridgedair"... like when people use "Kleenex" when they really mean facial tissue. It's

Fridge was brand of refrigerator?

"Fridge" is an American slang term for any refrigerator. Some linguists believe it was originally a colloquial abbreviation for one brand of refigerator; "Frigidaire." However

Is the temperature in a refrigerator constant or does it vary throughout the fridge?

The temperature will vary throughout the fridge, particularly after a fresh load is added. But even in 'steady state', the upper of the container will be warmer than the lower

How can you not be fridged?

its not something that you can just turn off you have to be comfortable with the person 100% and then it just sorta happens