Why is it not safe to have general anaesthetic in early pregnancy?

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What is it not safe to do in early pregnancy?

Answer . drink, smoke, do drugs . Answer . during early pregnancy it is not safe to stress or lift heavy objects. It is aslo unsafe to take any type of drugs and you

Is it safe to have sexual intercourse in early pregnancy?

i am currently studying child devlopment in collage, and we are studdying right from conceving up intill the child is 5. It is perfectly fine to have sex during early pregnanc

Is it safe to take cranberry capsules in early pregnancy?

Sure you can take cranberry capsules in pregnancy. It's just like eating (a LOT of) cranberries, which is a natural food, and good for you too. The extra Vitamin C and antioxi

Is oxycodone safe to take in early pregnancy?

Ask your doctor because much depends on the dose. The DEA is currently Oxycodone related deaths in the US. It should not be taken without your doctor's knowledge and direct

Is anaesthetic gas safe?

Generally yes, if used and monitored properly. However, there are always exceptions and people react differently. Only a doctor of anesthesiology should handle it.

Why do you have to undress for a general anaesthetic?

Usually the reason for undressing has less to do with the anesthesia and more to do with maintaining sterility in the operating room (where most anesthesia takes place) Street