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Why is it painful when we're in labor?

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you know labour is quite painful. im going to tell you guys a story about wat ive seen with labour. you know im only 15 and NOT pregnant. but if ur pregnant don't be afriad it will all be ok. its going to be bad but ur live. and ur going to love ur child. all the pain u went threw will diapear when u hold hold ur baby in ur arms for the first time. ull never forget when ur little babys eyes open and u c there little face look up at u for the first time. i don't want to scare u but........

labour hurts..... it feels like people r opening ur vagina and just shoving a bolling ball into it. for the first couple of hours (or mayb more) u have contractions. these contractions stretch ur cervix until its roughly ten cm. u cant push because that could damage the babys head. once uv gotten to ten cm u have to do the hardest thing.......... u have to push the baby threw the birth cannal. it hurts bad and u have to breathe a lot. d this.................. he he he hew he he he hew he he he hew keep doing this until the contractions r over han u r going to b in d=so much pain the last thing ull want is to breathe like that. once the baby is out the doctors will cut off the imbilcal cord. then there will come the after birth the placent will b excpelled from the uterus. believe me it will b GROSS.

but when u c ur baby look at u for the first time ull never feel like that again.
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