Why is meal time referred to as chow time in the military?

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Cuz the military likes to be different or they had an Asian cook named chow
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What is Military time?

Time based on the 24 hour day. Instead of AM and PM, time is stated as 0800 for 8 AM, 1300 for 1 PM, 1900 for 7 PM, etc., and 2359 for 1 minute before midnight. Military time

What is the military time?

The (US) military counts time from midnight to midnight in one continuous count. The day commences with 0001, and end at 2359. You civilians would count normally up to Noo

What time are Italian meal times?

Italians usually have breakfast as soon as they wake up, lunch at 1o'clock and dinner at 8 o' clock in the evening. people also have snacks in between.

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If you buy over-the-counter dog food, the label has feeding instructions (by the dog's weight). If you buy your food at the vet, just call your vet and ask. Dog food isn't usu

What time is 3am military time?

Zero-three hundred, or "0" three hundred. It is always the number, never the letter. for instance "O-three hundred hours" (pronounced "Oh-three hundred") would be very incorre