Why is pedigree called pedigree?

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A pedigree is a description of the descent of people or animals. The word is derived from the Anglo-Norman pe de gru, a variant of Old French pié de gru ("foot of a crane"), and ultimately from Latin pedem ("foot") + gruem ("crane")

Why is that word used with that meaning? Because it is. Words may have derivations, but in the end their meaning is arbitrary, requiring only that most people using the word agree on it.
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What does pedigree stand for?

Answer A chart designed to show relationships often used in horsebreeding, dog breeding and human geneology. It might also be asimple list of the ancestors from whom a person

What is a pedigree?

a family tree or chart that tracks which members have a certain trait

What is pedigree?

A pedigree is a description of the descent of people or animals.

What does a pedigree tell you?

A pedigree is a chart or "family tree" that tracks which member ofyou family have a particular trait. These can be ordinary traits such as eye color, or geneticdisorder's such

How do you do a pedigree?

Step one in creating a pedigree is to include only family memberswho have a blood relation. This means no step relations will beincluded. Next symbols for biological parents a

What is Pedigree chart?

A pedigree chart is like a family tree and can start at your grandparents or great grandparents then works it way throughout an entire family showing who someone married, if t

What is a pedigree. How are pedigrees used?

Pedigree : A chart or "Family Tree" that tracks which members of a family have a particular trait. It is one of the important tool that geneticists used to trace the inhe

What is a pedigreed dog?

a pedigree is a certificate proving/certifying that your dog is a pure breed. Thus a pedigreed dog is a dog with a pedigree, so it is a pure breed dog