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Why is workplace helath and safety important in the workplace?

Health and safety is a very important role in a job as it is very important that they keep to regulations so the business doesn't get closed down. Also health and safety prote

How do you maintain safety and security in a workplace?

Here is a small list of examples:    follow health and safety rules - OSHA for US    having personal protective equipments    havi

How is workplace safety different from school safety?

Schools are actually a workplace for teachers. Different workplaces have different safety guidelines and measures because there are different issues and hazards depending on t

Why is a written policy on health and safety important in the workplace?

A written policy on health and safety is important in the workplace because it clearly establishes the expectations of top management with regard to preserving the health and

Who is accountable for health and safety in the workplace?

Who is accountable for health and safety in the workplace?

The employer. EVERYONE is accountable for Health and Safety. Management is responsible for providing workers with the necessary tools, training and protective equipment to per

Why is personal presentation and behavior important in maintaining health and safety in the workplace?

Personal presentation has little to do with maintaining health and safety in the workplace, unless your presentation is distracting to others. Personal behavior is important i

How important to you is safety in the workplace?

It is very important because if you get hurt it might have been from your work space not being cleaned. Safety in the workplace is very important to me because my very life d

Why is workplace safety important for the family?

Workplace safety is important to the family because a worker injured or killed is a family member injured or killed, and perhaps not providing needed income to the family. The

What does safety mean in the workplace?

In the workplace, safety means going home at the end of the day as fit and healthy as you were when you arrived at the beginning of your day.

What is workplace safety?

A workplace is a place where people perform work, usually for payment or some other from of recompense. This could include situations as widely divergent as a small room in wh

Is there a need for Safety in Workplace?

Of course there is. Health and safety is important because without it, chances for injuries and fatalities can occur. Which is never good. Our best investment is health and in