Why was Netherland named Netherland?

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'Nederland' is an archaic Dutch word for 'low country'. 'The Low Countries' is an old term for the Netherlands and part of Belgium. Low Countries might refer to how low the Netherlands actually are: more than 50% of the Netherlands are below sea-level. The name could also refer to the countries being down-river: the river Rhine and some others have their delta in the Netherlands. It could also have been a geographical term to distinguish it from certain 'upper' countries.
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Where are the Netherlands?

Answer . The Netherlands is situated in northwest Europe with much of its coastline facing eastern England. Between the Netherlands and England you'll find the Northsea. Th

How did the Netherlands get its name?

It is a very old name. In dutch the Netherlands is Nederland, and sometimes people say 'De lage landen'. It 'Nederland' en 'De Lage Landen' means the same namely Low Lands. An

Name for the Netherlands?

Holland is a very often, incorrectly used slang term for the Netherlands, as Holland is only a part of the Netherlands (also called a 'province')

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It's something from the old days. In the early days (1600 - 1800) the country was called Holland because of the two main provinces are called Holland (North Holland and South

What is the alternative name for Netherlands?

It is "The Netherlands" or "Kingdom of The Netherlands". The Dutch name is "Nederland" or "Koninkrijk der Nederlanden" The alternative name is "Holland" or "The Low Count

Were does the Netherlands get its name from?

the Netherlands means low-lying lands, since the Netherlands lies for a part below the sea level. The Dutch name for the Netherlands is Nederland and that means low-lying LAND